Update – Not Guilty, My Ass. Freddie Gray Should Be Alive! ***messymandella***murder trial starts today…








Baltimore, no matter what  we label the actions in Maryland this week, this wouldn’t have happened if the moral code of the world was deemed superior to the so called law enforcement code. Who are the laws built to protect? Apparently not  Tamir Rice, Walter Scott, Trayvon, Mike Brown, and everyone else that was murdered just because they bumped into the wrong police officer at the wrong time? 

         Freddie, shouldn’t be dead and his twin sister shouldn’t be giving interviews. Oh, and to the conservatives who investigated Freddie Gray’s criminal record, you yourself wanted and needed validation  of your own racism and bigotry. If your relative was murdered by policeman, the LAST thing I would do would be to pull up their criminal records.

The  officers that were the same nationality of Freddie Gray are lower than dirt for what they watched and took place in to cause the “Uprising” and lynching  of Freddie are worse than George Zimmerman. Someone could have saved Freddie’s life. These people are upset the law has failed them repeatedly. How many more men and marches are we going to have this year. It is May 1,2015 and we are not getting the national support or confidence that this will change. Black men will keep running, because even if they run or not, they still may end up dead from  a police lynching, like Eric Garner and now Freddie Gray.


the confederate flag is about heritage? heritage my ass…***messymandella*** let love rule*




KOTD – Rap Battle – DNA vs Rone Compete In A 16 Minute Battle ***messymandella***

Quiet as kept, this is not a battle. This is more like a commercial…


Tangerine Dream!***messymandella***





Country Singer, Mindy McCready,Dead At 37


Mindy McCready was found dead in Arkansas.

She has endured a turbulent personal life.

Her boyfriend  shot himself.

Mindy lost custody of her children.

She checked herself into an in-patient facility.

She apparently would drink and binge on prescription drugs.

Her life in shambles and in financial ruin, Mindy ‘s struggling addiction destroyed her music career

Now, her inner demons have destroyed her  life.