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Lauryn Hill’s Message Of Self – Love Must Remain Imperative In The Hip Hop Culture!***messymandella***

English: Lauryn Hill, performing in New York's...

English: Lauryn Hill, performing in New York’s Central Park in 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






women rapped and kept their under garments on and just spit their lyrics.

Only a few pictures of men could get glimpse of a bathing suit  a bra top or  a wardrobe  malfunction but that was it, it would go no further. Lets be clear, I also adore most female rappers in this industry but these are half-naked most of the time because is it so common place these days.

When you are an avid activist of women In the arts, such as myself, you understand  Lil Kim and Mrs. Minaj and message of female expression and empowerment, even if you don’t care for the perception and the molding of the young female minds. They are both beautiful women with a message to women, but not little girls!

However unfortunate  but obvious is that  women have abandoned the life lessons of solidarity and we are culture “Miseducated” but that money will overshadow the power to our people and education of our youth  will make millions these days.


The revised rap blue print for women   is  a paradox to the Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill and her foreshadowing on the slut like activity of women that we celebrate and even honor at the Grammys.

Lauryn was cut from a different cloth and opened our ears to self-pride and self- preservation.

Apparently the Hip Hop Nation will not be able to envision another genius who also carried herself like a queen, and not a “Trap Queen.”


Back then, a person would not be half-naked every day unless she was a day time hooker.

While we as women and men  should be someway protesting, and demanding fair treatment by men, we are subconsciously every stereotype to “keep” a man.

        Thanks to Snap Chat, Twitter, and  Instigram we are so disillusioned of  what is substantive or superficial?

      No pictures of Queen Latifah‘s big draws or MC Lyte‘s   panties would have been posted all over social media.

We relentlessly speak of Women Empowerment, but that is not what the younger listeners are going to identify with and embrace.

        The message of mental strength is lost with butt shots, mindless sex and  money over anything genuine in this life. We have to nourish our families physically and psychologically

       We don’t comprehended how lost and fake we are in this world and Kendrick Lamar is kicking off that knowledge.

Lauryn Hill foreshadowed our mental and spiritual weakening  and the truth was too scary for her so she escaped her public existence and moved out of the industry.

      Mrs. Hill is the woman who could have been on the level of Nina Simone,but she escaped her surroundings and lost her musical vision in this ever-changing hasty culture.


It is challenging to stand up for your self-respect and principles when you are trying to protect your people, usually the backlash comes from  your message from the very people you are trying to empower.


Reverie And Louden – While I’m Still Here (All I Know)***messymandella*** KICKING KNOWLEDGE!

WE Must Show Love To Mrs. Reverie!




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Simply ***messymandella*** Elisabeth Withers


When you woke up this morning, did you think of what had to complete before anything else?
Of course you did!
Did you take a minute and look outside and just take a breath?

Sometimes we forget the our blessings and our temptations.
We are programmed and don’t even realize it to automatically waste the time we are provided for frivolous moments in our lives.
You open your eyes and look at yourself, time to go On Instigram and Twitter to get laid, right?
You debate should you go back to sleep, but then you remember that you have to pay the light bill or mail that package.

First, you to prove to everyone you have money, on all forms of Social Media, and have options to get laid, that is why you haven’t had a chance to touch her honey bun.

God forbid. we took time to actually discuss politics, family and just being blessed to breathe the air we are given, but we can’t do that it is too simple and too real.

We have to show off!

You didn’t even acknowledge the Sun, your God, or the fact that you are blessed enough to visualize

a new day, because you were obligated to do those things, right?

Every moment is already planned  from the moment you get up, to when you plan to go to the grocery store ; to even what time you will preheat the oven for dinner tonight!

You have planned to have for dinner that night at 7:25 PM.
What happened to spontaneous thoughts?
When did we forget to look inside ourselves and let that be the Compass that would guide us to a better living?
We have put a battery in our back and became a machine,  just doing but not thinking about anything life altering in any sense!

Just  using robotic movement and getting it done!
Just living enough to complete projects, because you HAVE to do it!

You missed the leaves on the ground, because you are to worried about getting them in a bag off your lawn!
That is what you are programmed to do,isn’t it?
If you took a few minutes just to imagine an earlier moment in life while sitting  in  those leaves you

would have gained a natural reflection, but nooooo!



The friend that  has passed away  might be trying to give you a message of love, but you don’t have time!

Every moment of your promising life is spent looking to hook up with strangers.


You STILL have to get back to Instigram and hope that  “desperately seeking attention girl” changes her clothes.

Her self-esteem is missing in action, and you must give her  your undivided attention because her husband left home, or she has played herself out.

SHE IS BEAUTIFUL but damaged and poses to show off  more of what is not worth what it used to be, and now the  viewing isn’t quite A-List!

She appears to be aware of the scrutiny and devaluing of her property value (self-worth dies by the second) but as of now,we must pretend she is not crying inside.

Sadly, it may be a little too late…


You have turned off your intuition and knowledge that you were born with, that Innate Knowledge.

You Forgot about the “Simple Things”, and we are so blinded by these stupid moments of nothing that give us courage to film more pictures in our phone.

The world is obligated  to know we are sexy to someone and it is important, instead of just doing important shit.

You are searching in the wrong places for the wrong things, before you know it the right thing is gone!

You missed out on a blessing, but you will learn that in the end, when someone else appreciates your blessing that you misused, and discarded like trash.

You were too busy being consumed by nothingness and you overlooked the fact that you had flowers, you didn’t even notice were planted now blooming in your yard.

Those flowers are now covering that hole by your porch, that you were going to hire someone to beautify for you.

God was your landscaper, but you never even thanked him.

He fixed it for you, but you were too busy being frivolous and superficial. 

You didn’t realize that the hole which  covered on your porch, wasn’t a problem but an overlooked blessing.

Sadly, the hole in your soul expanded, and by the look of the things, it will overtake you entire existence by all means. 

We all must run from the false hoods, those lies that  blinded and consumed us.

We can only embrace truth by avoiding the artificial and irrelevancies in our universe.

Take a couple of minutes a day just to look at the simple things…




Young Fam=Meet South Carolina’s Indie Elite***messymandella***

For those of you who may not have heard of Young Fam or their story here it is.
Young Fam is a duo rap group where the CEOs, members, and producers consist of Jason Berry aka J-$0 (age 23) and Chad Keeve aka Familur Max (age 23).
This group has spent many years putting together the best feel good music for their generation.
It has been a long journey for them to make music that stands out above the rest.
They take pride in the fact that they make radio friendly music with lyrics that are not derogatory, offensive or vulgar.