Brika – Mumbai ***messymandella***

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Featuring Guillermo  Vadalá: 5-String Electric Bass.

Video Directed by Santiago Ardila Reyes. Video Edited: Natalia Pérez.

nsfw-worldstar video camera episode 19 / revisiting my Briki***messymandella***


    Genuine camaraderie and emotional attachments come from Buffett runs and  rating the spiciest dipping sauces. These women prove that size is just  a number, and food is just a hobby.

       Why should they not be proud, Brika should be president of Oscar Myer or Nabisco, and I am 100% percent sure her milkshake will bring  all the boys to the yard. 

       You don’t understand that she “pick it up and then  drop down” and that itself takes endurance and a strong ass back. Brika fa claims that she is  tastier than a dill pickle, she also likes to have sex at angles,Brika is a mathematician and a magician to pull that off…

   Dear Brika, when you said, “work your fat ass” my life changed forever. Thank you for your entertainment and you have a  lifetime fan. I am not a 300 pounder girl, but I still can “pick it up and drop it down!”





obscure soul: hill street soul / sweetest days***messymandella***



J Holiday-Where Are You Now OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO***messymandella*** Classic Jaheim



Sammie And Maxwell ***messymandella***

RES And The Amazing Sy Smith***messymandella***



This HAPPENED last night…Lil Kim Remixed Flawless***messymandella***

Dear Baby Jesus,

Where were you when Lil Kim came up with this moment, for life?

We need to have an intervention and some of Angie Stone’s anointing oil ASAP.

 Baby Jesus As a Lil Kim fan, it is time so I need your assistance on the matter.

Here is my prayer request, an open letter to Lil Kim.

Lil Kim,

What great endeavors were you chasing? 

Who told you to keep chasing pavements?

We as your fans have ignored the plastic surgery and the ultimate jealousy on Nikki Minaj.

You denied your envy, but to show up and attempt to steal someones moment is a farce, fake and annoying rap venture gone haywire.

This is no different from this hot mess of a moment.

I never in my life heard mess like that in a hot minute. The beat was a ransacked mess of keyboard foolery. 

It can’t be released because you don’t have the clearance, so Why?

What did you prove to the world?

If you have any shred of dignity remove this tom foolery from the internet and play it forward.

Lil Kim  this proves that Nikki Minaj  is now the Queen Bee, and this unrelenting attention to become her teacher embarrassed the rest of your loyal fans.

You can’t keep infiltrating her products and collaborations.

Leave this hatred behind for this woman, and create not duplicate Nikki Minaj, and her Anaconda. 

Go find The Brat, The Lady Of Rage, and Eve and tour again.

I know PetCo and Ross Dress For Less have a nice spacious  place to perform all of your cloned responses to Queen Minaj.

Create, not hate.

This is some sad mess that should have never happened.

I don’t think you even  rapped.

Your verse sounded like you were reading the Weather  Channel’s Breaking News.

When I heard that beat, I thought it was the Emergency Broadcast System calling for a Thunder Storm.

I REBUKE your remix in the name of Baby Jesus



KeKe Wyatt, One Of The Best Voice That is Ignored…***messymandella***




Men Can Do That! Women Wake Up!***messymandella***

I want sisterhood. I want love and peace. I want to be able to walk out a room confident, that their want be a knife in my back. I want to be able to say how I feel and not be judged, in an ignorant fashion. I want to be able to sit in a room full of women and know that we are working to make this a better community and world. I want to be in a room full of strong women, that can all get along and work together to build each other up!

I don’t want to be in a place were women already have their own agenda to hate, before the room fills with chatter.I wish I could be in a place were a smile really meant just that!I would love to be in a room full of women that didn’t have instigators trying to split  that same room up.Men can do that. Why can’t we?

Men can party, watch the game and go away for the weekend. Women go away for a weekend and hate each other, when they come back.Why are their so many cliques among adult women? Telling lies on each other, envious, and scheming, not men? Men can do that, but they don’t! THEY DONT!

Men Beef, and handle it, and keep it moving.If women could all come together and not talk about the first person that walked out the room,we could grow.Men Could Do That!Messymandella must live in  a dream world, a fairytale, and a  fable. This  shit may never happen.

We can’t get 15 women in the same room, that like each other at the same time. Men can do that! Men could get 50, and have the time of their life!How can we teach a new generation, if we act like petty 12 year olds ourselves? The women that I love, Smile,joke,cry with me. They are all around when I need them.They are near, even when I just want to curse them out. They tell me off to my face. That is why I keep them in my life! I wish it was more women that could be like these women! I still am in that damn fairytale. Maybe it will happen one day?

Maybe one day after Queen Latifah comes out, and Antoine Dodson becomes an astronaut…

Angie Stone -Brotha


I know I am cut throat with you men, but I love you . Look down!
Angie Stone about to tell you how much!



Thanks Zimbio, For Linking This Article:R&B Divas’ Faith Evans-Tears Of Joy***messymandella***
Faith+Evans+BET+Celebration+Gospel+Arrivals+EkaOHKQoZkMx          Faith Evans and her unsung talent,  are proof that success and voice can be a stranger, to mainstream success. The music industry never shows Faith Evan’s the attention she deserves.  Maybe, because of that entire “Faith Evan’s Is the reason Tupac and Biggie Were Beefing!”  That  drama was in the 90’s,  and  LET THAT GO!  We will never know what happened between her and both men.  Why does this overshadow this womans talent?

             Faith Evans was competition for Mary J.Blige. Now Mary always has Grammy performances, and collaborations.  Faith Evan’s releases an album with little or  no promotion.  Now she is on a reality show, with women that were of course almost C list singers.  Faith deserves so much more recognition than she has received. Her voice is  unmatchable.  She has changed her image, and still the same results.

          Maybe Faith Evans should have tried to resolve her differences  with Bad Boy?  When she was with Bad Boy we knew Faith Evans!  So many women wanted to look like Faith Evans and loved her swagger.   She will always be one of the best singers,  even if you will never see her on MTV or 106  and Park.  Maybe we should focus on her music. Maybe people are still pissed  off at Faith Evans, because of Tupac and Biggie’s beef ? That  will never bring these rappers  back !  Focus on Faith talent, and not her past, or rumors.