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emotional abuse and physical abuse: It Is not your fault!***messymandella***

Yes, a person that only fulfill their own needs claims to care but humiliates and lies to you, they don’t deserve you.


“What did I do wrong? “ 

It’s a game of evil controlling and abuse.

They have problems.

They want you to feel  pain.

That is emotional abuse.

  Some men and women withhold sex and emotions.

They will have sex with you for months,or admit to having sex with someone and throw it in your face and one day they will get mad without warning, like you did something wrong. 

You did nothing wrong.

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 Some abusers disappear and know they made plans with you. 

So, you tell people who you are friends or a couple… 

A friend does not break plans.

Your friend or partner thinks they are better than you.

They are trying to punish you mentality and you can’t let them do that to you.

 There are people who will fulfill your needs.

 Kick him or her to the curb, most men that hit women are weak, and can’t fight in real life!

Stop being nice to a person, that will flip on you and convince you that you deserve it.

They will never give you respect, and you will lose respect for yourself in the end and maybe your life.

Stop wasting your time.

That person will be horrible to you , and make up excuses like its your fault you are crying next week. Keep your tears.

 Get someone who will please you and take you places and not emotionally abuse you. 

Stop and look at yourself! If he has to beat you, he doesn’t need you.You deserve better

What are you waiting on?

Wait,are you hoping they will appreciate you? It will never happen and you will have to hide the pain and bruises.
Words and actions should show you love and not jealousy and hate!

I deserve love, because I show love and patience.

I am also not going to put up with weak minded bullshit.

You will be glad that you listened to ***messymandella***.

That person is not good enough to share a coffee cup with you.

Please don’t waste your time on someone that hurts your feelings and interaction to control you! Some men will even flirt with other girls in front of you. He knows it hurts but enjoys it, that is emotional abuse.You would never do that to him unless you are a sociopath.

You are so amazing, and no one deserves to hurt you and get away with it!

You have multiple qualities of love and beauty.

Find a friend or partner that will appreciate those qualities. Real men don’t want to hurt you they make you strong.

Listen and move on!

No names were used in this story!

If you feel some kind of way, that means you are doing someone dirty.

That means you do have a conscious!


 If something happens to that person you are treating this way, how will you live with that?

You will wear that guilt for the rest of your life!



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Lil Reese=Should He Be Banned?

Dear Lil Reese,

I hope you realize what you have done.

You have been named as a suspect in a murder(Lil JoJo).

You are part of a gang with that rapping tadpole,Chief Keef.

I  assume you know that these 2 situations can send you to prison?

If you go, I will send you  KY-Jelly in your care package.

I am not quite sure where this “I am so tough, I hit girls”mentality comes from?

 I wish like hell you would have punched Queen Latifah or Da Brat, like you did this little girl.

Doubt very seriously you needed to have your homeboy step on her head.

Lil Reese, you are a sick bastard.A low-life and a  waste of studio time.

You may have had a chance,if you would have apologized.

Noooo, not you Reese,you were mad at the person who released the video.

You will not get my sympathy after you and your boys stepped on a girl’s head in front of her own family.

Of course, only after you punched her repeatedly.

It scares me, you are going to still have groupies,and support.

I would say your career is over,but it is not.

Lil Reese, take your Gonzo looking ass to some Anger Management Classes.

You can also perform on the BET Awards,cry, and pout and sing “Man In The Mirror” and you will be forgiven too.

I promise….

Abuse Is accepted,but it’s terrible.