Jennifer Lopez Exposes The Double Standard In Our Society!***messymandella***

The women of our are world required to be quiet and just accept the double standard?


When everyone else has to bite their tounge, should you stifle your creativity?


We should all respect ourselves and live with standards but not to the point we lose ourselves to appease the masses. We will laugh at this video because we realize that she doesn’t want to have a threesome and sleep with everyone on the damn boat. Jennifer Lopez is proving that no man would take seriously a woman like this unless she called him “daddy!” It is hilarious and just proves that women know the difference between image and reality.  Feminist will always love their man or woman, but will call “bullshit” when they feel the need to, at least I do!

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Women who command attention will usually choose to seek bright lips and bright clothing. Which ever patterns or hue that will spotlight your beauty and will set you  a part from the rest, must compliment your skin tone.   suit4              You have your swagger and interest in fashions that will get you attention. You have that important mechanism inside your head, to keep the attention of the people you need in your life. If you don’t engage their upper visible heads,then you are well aware of their intentions. Make them put in work to get to your hotspot.

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I Forgot About Soulful Sundays Here At ***messymandella*** Enjoy!

Inspiration comes from within. THE words are beautiful and no matter who is singing it on Sunday the message is to inspire and unite in the strength and build a world were you don’t die from a tail light like South Carolina`s Walter Scott. LET the message reach the families of Eric Garner and Tamir Rice! It is time to  find love to motivate the selfishness and deceitful ideologies of those who hate and destroy peace by bigotry. Let love overcome and remember they marched in Selma and our citizens are still marching now. How far have we really come?