Bring Back Our Girls! ***messymandella*** They Still Need Our Help!

Little Princess

Little Princess

Young and innocent

Young and innocent

Our Babies

Our Babies

little lupita

little lupita

The Secret To Perfect Hair: Try Blue Magic**messymandella***Nas IS The DON!(Rihanna / Demi / Katy / K.Michelle)

“Did you see me rocking my #TeamBlue in the ‘Up’ video with @ollymurs?” Demi asked in the caption her Instagram hair pic, before revealing that her colorful pieces were part of her Secret Color Extensions hair collection! We love that her slip-on hair extensions are so easy that we can copy her look ourselves.
You can check out Demi and Olly’s new video below, and make sure to drop us a comment letting us know what you think of Demi’s blue hair!




SoulFul Sunday: Fly Away With Sy Smith! ***messymandella***

Lyfe Jennings – Pretty Is ***messymandella***


kendrick lamar***messymandella***

blacklives matter

In 2015, who is going to steal the life of this black man? Will it be the police officer? Who will steal his life? Will it be the dogs, or the homeboy that he runs home to embrace for protection?




bring back our girls ***messymandella***


We are obligated to get our girls back safely.

We have all gotten a little off track due to other blood shed attacks in the media or Justin Beiber’s antics or Ray Lewis elevator beat down, that he conveniently got away with and has now changed his life…

We can not forget the focus of this month!

We are by nature suppose  to preserve our energy and prayers to return all the babies home. It is time to put more emphasis on protecting our little girls, and get them home.

I can only stress to all women and men all over the world to pretend you are those little girls that are afraid.

Pretend that  you are about  to give up on hope or  freedom, but someone lets you know that your life matters.

These girls need us and our resources.  

As a victim of molestation myself, I can only imagine how they are painfully and mentally  hurting…

These Mother’s will not be allowed to celebrate any holiday with their abducted daughters, if they are not recovered.

KEEP rebelling to fight those pedophiles and kidnappers and “Bring Back Our Girls ” and let them enjoy the rest of their

childhood that those bastards are trying to exploit.