Fight For Our Children’s Rights And Show Love To All, Like The Late AIDS Activist: Nkosi Johnson***messymandella***

          Nkosi Johnson born in Danhauser, South Africa died fighting for acceptance during his impending death. Nkosi did not expect to live, he just wanted to be treated fairly. He could have be your nephew, your baby brother, even your son. Children born with AIDS didn’t transmit the virus by their lifestyle, or sexual contact. Even as babies, they are treated like diseased pariahs that are a sad remembrance of their parents transgressions. Nkoski is no longer in his physical form , but he loved and wanted to play, jump and go to school, like all children want to do,but he could not out of the stigma of AIDS. Nkosi was adopted and loved, and we can appreciate him today. I know we always change the  television when Sarah Mclachlan sings, “Angel.” However, that world exist, you can’t live a sheltered selfish life, and not learn and love people who don’t have a chance to tell their story. Meet, this Angel! This sweet baby boy. Ever day remember you are breathing and you are thriving, leave a legacy, just like Nkosi.  

(4 February 1989 – 1 June 2001)

National AIDS Day For Keith Haring: Art And Hip Hop***messymandella***

                                                                 A R T              MUSIC

        We pay homage to the late but great Keith Haring and his love for fashion and art.

Here is one of the late Keith Haring’s designs and famous mural “Crack Is Wack” will always be included in the Hip-Hop World.

Keith Haring lives on in every art class and museum and street corner. We celebrate your influence and life, you Radiant Baby. That is why I call myself, “RadiantBirdlives.” It is a combination of Keith Haring(Radiant) and Jean Michel Basquiat (Bird…  painting)

The Radiant Baby is still shining!


bob bowers- one tough pirate is still fighting ***messymandella***

Bob Bowers is an AIDS Survivor and determined man!
He has abandoned the victim role and became a fighter who believes with diligence and self awareness you can live your life, but take your meds. Bob is a part of my selective Twitter Fam, and I love him for his courage and bravery.
Here is a glimpse of A mortal that will remain unchanged by his diagnosis, but will vow to give reassurance to those men and women that have contracted the disease. Even The HIV negative family must  support the HIV Positive family. No one should fight alone.


Avoiding Negativity***messymandella***

You have to live your life without negativity.Sometimes it can come out of the mouth of a friend a family member. You must remember that if you invite negativity in your life,it will only grow.If that is your mistake you will alienate love,and life.People lead by example.You have so many opportunities in this world.You can’t sit around and cry and moan if you don’t take them. It is a daily task to meditate, live and laugh.Once you invite light in your life,you become a better person.

A voice of negativity may be the reason you stay in an unfaithful relationship. Some people hate coming home.They can’t stand the weekend,because they know their loved one may or may not come home at night.People will only do, what you let them do. You are in a negative situation.You don’t have to be in that situation. You chose to accept negativity in your life.

You have to stay positive. I believe that excessive negative situations make you a weak and mindless person.You are missing your blessings. I have girlfriends that WANT to be married, but their man can make it to the club,but not to the Courthouse.They will stay in the situations for years. That means the man has control of a relationship. So many people will stay around negativity their entire life.

Stop letting people run over you and not give you respect.Children watch as their moms have a different man in their house every other week.Some parents will smoke weed and curse in front of their kids. You have corrupted that child’s mind. So many negative ideas are already being sent to the next generation.

If someone greets you with a frown of an uncomfortable situation,end it.You can’t complicate your life and let other people decide your well being.When I started I never told anyone. I knew that negative people would ask me why? I am a blessed person.I work all the time.I do charity work for my town.I also find time to raise money for kids or adults,in need. I have participated in fundraisers for AIDS and HIV patients and visit them.I am not rich in money,just blessings. I enjoy what I do. I show love to everyone,to avoid negativity.That is why I don’t let people take joy from me. You better not either!

The Curious Case Of AIDS And HIV Transmission. ***messymandella***

We now know that the AIDS Epidemic magically popped up out of nowhere and people believed they were not at risk unless they were Homosexual Men . Now we know of course, that was the false hood that  spread faster than the virus itself. In the early years of AIDS it was call “Gay Man’s Cancer” but even before that  it was called “The Gay Man’s Health Crisis” meaning middle class Christian America turned an ignorant ear to the impending plague. The uniform of an AIDS patient, of course was Kaposi Sacoma (purple blotches)that were a dead give away that you were infected.
Ronald Reagan did not give a damn, if the “others” died.As we know now, AIDS has dominated the lives of many urban married, single, white, heterosexual people. The facts were few and far between, on the origins and possible cure when it comes to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. There are many conspirators regarding who and how AIDS was released to the masses.

Act UP’s angry protest and public funeral of Marc Fischer! The anger of ghost of people who are no longer breathing but died with no regard. If the epidemic would have been pushed to the forefront of everyone’s agenda. It would have remained contained and millions would be alive today.

Regan and Bush didn’t ponder AIDS as anything political and financially beneficial to him. Why would he care about funding for the “others” and now, we all are the “others” and I know I am HIV Negative, but I know so many that are living with this disease. Now AIDS and HIV doesn’t kill you immediately as before. You live longer, my cousin succumbed to AIDS earlier this year. She was diagnosed in 1989, you can live for 20 years with the virus, just as Larry Kramer, Magic Johnson, Andy Bell(Erasure), and many others that have contracted the AIDS Virus.

This is how gay men were dying; no one knew what was happening but this is a visual approach to beginning of the plague years.This is a private moment released to bring you into the epidemic as it quietly crept on into a nationwide fury.Protect yourself, and live…
Collecting footage from personal films will enable you to envision the time, that some heard about or didn’t care about, during the early stages. If this virus had not been introduced as a “Gay” virus, we could have saved lives. This footage, from personal AIDS victims that are no longer with us,  once again will bring you to those last days. Some of it is graphic because, it is the early stages when they had very limited funding and education. Let me be truthful, AIDS Research went unnoticed by President Reagan for years. ACT-UP decided to protest.
The Art World decided to memorialize their dying community by the “AIDS Estate Project.”  This virtual gallery is still active to today.  With that being said, where and how can a disease come out of nowhere and kill thousands and later millions?Some believe it was a genetically contrived to lead millions to their graves. Why AIDS? Why in the 1980’s?


Once America was told it was from sexual interactions and unsafe bodily fluids being passed that caused the virus.
We think we know…
Some of us have heard the story of Patient Zero, Gaetan Dugas. He is known of the AIDS victim, that  criminally transmitted the virus while employed as a flight attendant. Now, the question is how did he contract the disease? Some have said in Africa the meat and cannibalism, and bestiality were the cause of AIDS.
Either way there is not one definite answer how humans transmitted the virus. The first case of AIDS apparently now wasn’t Gaetan Dugas, because Robert Rayford contracted it in 1969 as a teenager. Gaetan and Robert didn’t know each other, so we can not be 100 percent accurate about Gaetan Dugas and him maliciously infecting people AIDs. Did the government administer AIDS? Why are some still searching for different strangers to sleep with, not knowing their last name or sexual history? AIDS didn’t leave our nation, it just changed the the primary carrier group, now the deaths and infections are from Urban men and women. One time is all it takes to recieve HIV,and the AIDS Activist that died fight to inform us on the dangers of reckless sexual activity. You don’t know who has AIDS and you increase your chances with promiscuity. I believe now, if someone will have sexual intercourse with so many partners,they already aware they have a disease or don’t love themselves enough to cherish their body and not become a statistic.





Katy Perry:UNICEF Goodwill In Support For 35,0000,000 Living With AIDS***messymandella***


When someone has Terminal Cancer, your saddened and in deep malevolence. When someone succumbs to AIDS typical questions of blame are asked instead of remorse.”They must have done something wrong!” “It’s God‘s punishment!” “Well, he shouldn’t have done what he was doing?” Any lost of life or impending death should be respected, and it should be a humbling experience  to anyone. I have been to so many funerals, where the person said, “Ummm They had Cancer.”

We’re proud to share this new version of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry’s ‘Unconditionally’ video, in support of the 35 million people living with HIV, especially young people suffering in silence.