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Marlena Shaw-California Soul (Dam Groove Remix) ***messymandella***

Marlene Shaw samples have been included in some of your favorite songs!

Ghostface Killah’s song “Ghetto” (2010) contains samples of the recording “Woman of the Ghetto

DJ Premier also sampled the same song for the Gang Starr track “Check the Technique”, and Adam Freeland sampled the track for “F.E.A.R.”

Faze Action’s track “Broad Souls” also used a sample from “California Soul”.

 9th Wonder and Buckshot also sampled “Woman of the Ghetto” in the track “Ghetto”, and Evil Dee (of Black Moon)’s remix of the same song.
  Jay Rock feat. The Game “California Soul” (2007) rap song sampled “California Soul”.
 “Squire for Hire” Nathan Haines (Chillifunk records 2003) featured Marlena Shaw vocals on the title track “Squire for Hire”.
 “California Soul” is played on the 2003 remake of The Italian Job. The song, however, does not appear on the movie’s soundtrack.
“California Soul” is featured on one of the radio stations in the 2013 best selling video game Grand Theft Auto V!

Canadian rapper Drake sampled Shaw’s “Feel Like Making Love” for the song “Come Winter” from his mixtape Room for Improvement
 Producer Diplo remixed the track “California Soul” for the recent compilation The Verve Remixed Vol. 4.
DJ Premier sampled ‘California Soul’ in the Gang Starr track ‘Check the Technique’ from Step in the Arena (1990)
  “California Soul” (remixed by Diplo) is featured in 2011 action driving game Driver: San Francisco.
A “California Soul” remix featuring Ya Boy appeared over the end credits of The Lincoln Lawyer in 2011.


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Lupita Nyong’o Wins An Academy Award For Her Epic Performance In 12 Years A Slave***messymandella**

         We are brainwashed, thanks to our  Willie Lynch mind-set and  media obsession with skin color. We are  embarrassed by  nappy hair.This unbelievable beauty and brilliant actress prayed to have lighter skin because that would make her beautiful in her mind. We have thousands of creams that promise lighter skin. Lupita, is the color of Onyx she is so amazingly gorgeous. Luptia, epitomizes Iconic Beauty, not because of her skin, but of her gorgeous face.

I am sure that Paula Deen considers “12 Years A Slave”  the feel good movie of the year…



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