UPDATE:Transgendered Rapper Evon “Yung LT” Yung Deserves A Proper Funeral! ***messymandella***

       The Search for Yung LT’s body is still on its way, but with  results. Yung LT was an African-American Transgendered Male that promoted himself as a budding rap career before his lynching. Was it a Hate Crime, or some form of a Street Retaliation? He previously released videos in his own neighborhood, but also resided and flourished, and accepted as a man when he went that night he planned to come back home, because he left his jacket at her home. He left that night with his so-called friends, but what happened that led him to his tragic demise?

What may have been the reason that he was shot, choked and later set on fire?

         No matter what he did or said, those were people whom he considered friends and even at one time, roommates. Remember, the deceptive nature of backstabbing can build into their obsession, and altering perception in  life. You have to be able to decipher those fake smiles and each jealous glance.

       Transgender’s are in between both worlds and sexual ideologies because they know who they are, even if the world is unfaltering with their perception. The world perceives them by their sexual organs they were born with, and that is not the idea behind Trans Men. Some perceive the altering of your sex unacceptable, but at the end of the day it is your life and you deserve to have a chance at life, and these five bastards decided to play God, and brutally murder someone who loved and even shared a home with them. The police have given up on finding his body, but someone knows something.

           The men have been charged. It is not snitching, it is being a humanitarian and removing his spirit, from the unrest state that it is in. Bring him home, if you know were her body is located. Make an anonymous tip, and be a LGBT Activist, and also a human, with dignity. Yung LT’s life is not inconsequential to me, and hopefully not to you.


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Jokes On You, I See Your True Colors!***messymandella***

Waking up in the middle of the night, wondering if someone you care about is Ok can be a toxic feeling.

Your wasting time worrying ,and it eliminates your peace and tranquility.

You come across different people in your life that can test your faith in civilization, because they are afraid of life.

They will kick you before you get a chance to kick them.

You should know that their life is a lie, and tad bit synthetic.

They want to offer you support, generosity, and affection but do they intend for you to buy that dream they are selling?

No, they are testing you to find out your boundaries.

I have been betrayed, molested, assaulted and still believe that ALL people  have love in themselves to offer to the world. Why?

The person that goes through so much to prove that they are a hardcore, feeling less jerk is the exact opposite.

The joke is on them, you can see their true colors. We can use that positive energy to embrace our community, and help our children with that heart of yours!

 No one puts so much on emphasis on hurting, hating, or disrespecting men or women unless they WANT to sell that dream to you.

The problem is that once you realize who they are and what they are going to accomplish that dream they are selling themself is a lie.

A devil can show you the truth, by trying to convince you to believe a lie.

No man hates women, and thinks they are Cash Cows and expects you to accept that fact.

He or she is skating, running, and bungee jumping through life avoiding integral growth, because that is not the cool.

Once you know who they truly are , just nod your head and pretend to understand the “dream” they are trying to sell themselves.That it is so much better than…


A Message To Slim Dunkin’s Mother!***messymandella***

Dear Mrs. Janet Wallace,

        You are in my prayers, and I can’t imagine your heart ache, and your never ending loss of your son Mario. You couldn’t fathom this would be the outcome when Mario decided to choose the permanent color of red! No one will admit that they are part of the reason that he died. I am sure that Waka Flocka Flame will have at least 50 lies, of why it was a positive thing to be affiliated with the red.The red is the reason he died. You have to understand, you wanted the best for your family, but gangs are worse than any military group. This is not your fault, and the young man who ended Mario’s life, is just as dead as your ill begotten son.
        No one is allowed to speak up against the life style. Maybe, if we would reach out to every mother that lost her child, this would not happen every day. You are not alone in this pain. I never met your baby boy, but he assumed his “Ferrari Boyz” would earn him enough money to spoil you and prove to the world, that his life had a purposed and he wanted to make you proud. While Waka Flocka Flame is probably in the club, rocking his blood red bandanna he might be thinking about your son. However, your son didn’t benefit from his affiliation, and while Waka Flocka Flame is sleeping in his mansion, your son is sleeping in his coffin.
        Your baby is gone, and you wanted the best for your boy. He wanted the best for you, but that is not an option anymore. The manipulation from his gang broke your heart, and is destroying our community. You need to stay strong, Mrs. Wallace. You will not be the only mother in the hood, crying about her son’s senseless death. I will pray that you will be strong, and help the next mother that gang violence robs of her seed to reach acceptance of the life lost.The violence that infiltrates life, and destroys the sanctity and safety for the other children, is bigger than you and me. The men that are supposed to protect us, could murder us without any regard if given the orders.
Once again,You are in my prayers, your son’s story hopefully will make another child promise not to end up like Slim Dunkin, your baby Mario Hamilton. Your sons murderer received 25 years. Your son didn’t die because of a piece of candy, he died because Bloods Of Feather Fly together.

Praying For You And Our People,



Christianity And Misdirection: Disassociation Of Gays And *AIDS*Victims-***messymandella***God Does Not Hate!

I can’t change, even If I wanted to…
I am not crying on Sunday
I grew up in a religion that condemns you for being homosexual
I hated watching people have to leave home because of being gay,transsexual,or a lesbian
I wonder why God didn’t love them?
I wanted to go up and hug them as a little girl,but I couldn’t
I had a friend that was a gay man, that would give me candy and hugs
I am writing this for you!
I watched as we turned you away from God
I saw you get AIDS, when the epidemic finally reached us
I remember you telling me you couldn’t talk to me,
I cried at the outside of that Kingdom Hall, and asked you why?
I can recall hugging you and your long fingernails as you telling me bye
I didn’t understand why you didn’t try to come back to our congregation,
I asked where you were and I was told you were in the hospital, alone
I can recall crying when they said you died from AIDS,
I cried,when as a little girl it hurt me, that only your mom came to your death-bed,
I got a whipping that night because I said at 7 years old “That is mean and stupid,”
I will never forget you and I will never let anyone die alone,
I miss you and you died over 30 years ago, and you were my friend,
I know you would be proud of me, and surprised that you had an impact on my life,
I will always make jokes about LGBT issues,but that hides the pain of your last days
I am so sorry, I never said Good-bye
I know you would be proud that currently AIDS victims have support
I am old enough to know I was 100% right then
I know you died before making it to your 30th Birthday
I think that God loves you, and I hate that no one was around to tell you!
I will not forget you, and you sleep in peace knowing that at 7- years old I knew how to be a real friend…thank you!


“I Won’t Cry On Sunday!”