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I love the fact that it is “supposedly” a mans world.

When a woman steps in the spotlight, it intimidates some weak-minded individuals.

Are you that strong force to be reckoned with,do you catch a glare in your hater’s eyes?

 Can you stay in the background and “bite your tongue? ”

You must not know about me…

I know that I am here to help people, and be strong!

Sometimes its hard to stay strong during adversity, but that pain and betrayal will make you free.

I don’t think any man or woman should be quiet just to please the masses.

 Sometimes it takes that small little voice to make the forest shake! 

Are you going to let anyone bring you down?

 They will make you second guess your destiny, but is that their fault you let them win?

 I want freedom from liars, racism, and homophobia!

I want Santra Rucker home!

Santra Rucker will get her freedom, or at least another chance at life, we worked hard enough!


I refuse to stop teaching young women and men about emotional and physical abuse.

 I refuse to sleep with someone who has a girlfriend or partner or be anyone’s secret.

 Lying and withholding information are the same damn thing.

Don’t fall into the trap of being simple or afraid of making your dreams your proud legacy and never let someone bully you!

 I am going to make sure that I leave my mark in this world like it or not, I am here.

I strive to give love and patience to everyone I meet.

 I can’t be like everyone else, because I am different and I stand up for myself and my beliefs.

I never look back at my mistakes, just the people who made them…

Mistakes are free and experience is a gift.

Mistakes are nothing but pain and reflection that guides you to your blessings. 

I will not be submissive, and let people defame my character.

I have a damn voice, and you are going to respect it! 

Even if you know how your heart feels on certain issues, your self-respect means more.

 We Are all Responsible to let our light shine.

I feel freedom, when I leave a manipulative situation!

I feel free!

 I don’t care when they are mad, if they deserve the anger!

I will never give in to self-serving people.

I will never bow down just to be loved.

Do you let the world see you?

I am not going to live to be 80 years old, I just know it! 

 I want my remaining time to be spent with true friends and loved ones that had my back no matter what happened.

Respect my outside life, because in my personal life I am a very private person… 

My inspiration and dedication will guide me through it all.

 I am sure that through your emotional turmoil,  you learned a lesson.

 I refuse to settle for someone who does not deserve me.

You shouldn’t either, be free and live your life!

I want to show the world that I was here…




Can You Resuscitate Your Emotional Death? ***messymandella***

Living without a moral blueprint, ain’t living at all!

There is nothing wrong with adopting a financial blueprint but you must also follow a moral one too!

What happens when you close your eyes forever?

I keep a light on for hardened hearts,that push away emotions to fatten their pockets!

I have love and respect for them because they have a damaged heart!

I refuse to give up on them!  

It is easy to avoid any emotional attachment to  further your financial planning, but what if your parents utilized that philosophy as their parenting guidelines, treating you the same way?

What if your mom withheld hugs, nurturing and emotional values from you, because it wasn’t profitable?

Money and Riches are easily used to demonstrate strength!

Money is mandatory to feed, clothe, and flourish!

What you don’t understand is that if you have trust and drive financially, you can include emotional in the equation.

The most hardened hearts, are the ones that have knowledge to improve our situation.

If only they would stop, listen and respect what has always been here, their emotions.

Tears, failure, and betrayal are always going to a part of a risk in every situation.

If you take the risk financially,you can take the risk emotionally.

You can be restored!

Your heart isn’t dead yet, your just on Life Support!

Updated: Men And Women Suffering From Emotional Abuse***messymandella***

There is an epidemic.

Women and men that wait around for a player to call them! 

Yes, a person that only fulfill their own needs.

You have met that person.

Every one has met that person.

They will one day laugh and lay in your arms, and then next day they act like your homeboy.

They never did it before…

“What did I do wrong? “ 

It’s a game.  

They have never taken you anywhere.

They want you to feel  pain.

That is emotional abuse.

  Some men withhold sex.

They will have sex with you for months  and one day they will stop without  warning, like you did something wrong. 

You did nothing wrong.

emotional-abuse20101-picture from healthforwomen

 Some abusers disappear and know they made plans with you. 

So, you tell people that you are friends or a couple… 

A friend does not break plans.

Your friend or partner think they are better than you.

They are trying to  punish you mentality and you can’t let them do that to you.

 There are people that will fulfill your needs.

 Kick  him or her to the curb!

Stop being nice to a person, that will flip on you. 

They will never give you respect, and  you will lose respect for yourself in the end. 

Stop wasting your  time.

That person will one day be with you, and make up excuses  like its you next week. 

 Get someone who will please you and take you places,  and not emotionally abuse you. 

Stop and move on!

What are you waiting on?

Wait,  are you hoping they will appreciate you.

They will these week, next week it will be the same game.

Words  and actions should show you these things!

I promise you that you will have so many offers, every day!

 Hell, I do!

I deserve it, because I show love and patience.

I am also not going to put up with weak minded  bullshit. 

You will be glad that you listened to ***messymandella***.

That person is not good enough to share a coffee cup with you.

Please don’t waste your time!

You are so amazing!

You have multiple qualities of love and beauty.

Find a friend or partner that will appreciate those qualities.

Listen and move on!

No names were used in this story!

If you feel some kind of way, that means you are doing someone dirty.

That means you do have a conscious!


 If something happens to that person you are treating this way, how will  you live with that? 

You will wear that guilt for the rest of your life!


A Familiar Ignorance:Inside An Abused Woman’s Mind



Kriss Kross Last Performance***messymandella***R.I.P.


Juicy J-Jeezy-Kendrick Lamar-Big Sean(Show Out)***messymandella***

“Wait Until We Go Out, You Know I Gotta Show Out!”***messymandella***



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