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  Whitney Houston lived a life that humbled most, and destroyed her in the end. Her daughter couldn’t seem to find her place in this world. Now she won’t have to, the families ALLEGEDLY will let Bobbi Kristina Brown pass away. Now,it is a what if situation,but we are too hurt inside. This little girl had two troubled parents with addictions, but they loved her so much. No one could ever dispute the admiration of their little girl, Bobbi Kristina Brown.

     Today is her last physical day,according to reports from the family spokesperson. I felt in my heart she left us before this week. She wanted to be with her mom. Now she will be removed from the breathing machine on the anniversary of her mother’s death.

We must tell the truth about Whitney Houston. I cried, because I was in her situation,not drugs but with someone who would play the part of a different person to the public..


When she lost part of her heavenly voice, and her self-respect through addiction, we were confused and disappointed.

We laughed, and comedians made multiple jokes about Whitney Houston’s addiction. We forgot her daughter heard those jokes too.

That had to be a mortifying experience for any young girl.


I want to say that Whitney Houston has always inspired me to pick up the pieces and walk with pride.

Even when she wasn’t the Whitney we fell in love with, she still tried.

In fact, she was that unselfish, when she was going through her demons, she didn’t want anyone to know she was still on drugs and suffered alone.

          She dealt with her own pain, the worst way, but what sadly she assumed was the best thing for her life.

When you take the time to look inside  yourself use Whitney and Bobbi Kristina  as your example.

You are who you walk with it, if they want to be trashy you will find your ass right in the trash with them. Whitney’s daughter had some sketchy friends, that did not seem to have her best interest at heart.

Don’t let anyone steal your time with their drama, scandal and end up diminishing your talent.

People who love you and will always stand by you.

Never jeopardize your legacy, and never be ashamed of your parents.

Maybe the harsh judgement from the media are also part of the blame, for this little girl believing that her coping mechanism would be self medication instead of positive support and respect for her mother.

Imagine if  you on the television and millions of people were chastising and devaluing your mother for her life choices?

The constant reminder of her parents mistakes unfairly dictated her future.

Bobbi,may have felt overwhelmed with the constant scrutiny of her mother and father.

It is sad, that her personal life  is gone that never had a chance to flourish.

Her life can be our lesson in self-evaluation, and surrounding yourself with those that have your back.

You can never carry people that WILL NEVER carry you,and maybe Bobbi Kristina surrounding herself with love would have made it easier.

We have no idea about her alleged physical bruises,but that little lady has had mental abuse from the media.

God will call her home to be at peace, that peace that surpasses her ill-gotten peace in this physical world.



With Love To The Houston And Brown Families- You’ll never stand alone***messymandella***

      Love is standing by, and this will be a process to bury all of the family drama, but  you can not win if the spirit wants to be free.
No amount of medicine or electrical device will ever be stronger than the will to live. She fought, and no matter what a machine reads, that soul may just want to be reunited with her mama.
Some actions are too obvious to overlook, and sympathy and inner guilt and failed moments are not will not be easy, when the Houston and Brown family are still divided. What if’s are not going to bring her out of this , if her soul is already home.
Love Is Standing by, I hope that a miracle keeps her in the physical world.
No matter what was said on camera we must look in the eyes of the truth.
Her  anguish and  privacy to mourn is not based on a calender or when we think she should be finished within her personal bereavement process.
Putting on a brave face can take a toll on anyone, that lost their momma and best friend, she still could not listen to her mother’s music at times. She was lost without,Whitney Houston. Was it the movie that destroyed her inner peace as speculated?

This baby is tired…
We admire you as a family and can’t imagine your distraction to “read a machine”, but if the machine is the only thing that is keeping her here, she is already gone.
We must give this family privacy, and not overlook the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown to give weigh to tabloid speculation!
Some are already putting light on an addiction and scene of the crim, just for high viewership.
Imagine, if it was your daughter, let her family deal in peace and they are surely inconsolable, leave that speculation behind, for now.
Remember you intrusive entertainment news sites, some of you do have  a soul, and that should trump any readers and viewership traffic to your  site.
This is not the time to spend hours of investigation for derogatory and assumptions,  on this girl.
Shameful of us to worry  about a damn marriage certificate and other garbage as a means to exploit this vulnerable family at this time.
Give Bobbi respect, and the Houston and Brown family  deserve your prayers and love.
No doubt they need it, but they will feel the love. I wish she knew we all wanted her to pull through this  tragedy and we  loved her then.
We want to send flowers and love when it is too late, when that may be all the victim wanted the entire time.
These prayers, and love should have been felt during her mother’s tragedy.
Maybe, we wouldn’t be this teary eyed  and experiencing  deja vu in regards to  Bobbi Kristina Brown’s tragedy? 




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