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Kicking Gothic Futuristics With Ramellzee And ***messymandella***

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Ramellzee was the “Letter Eraser” that decided to reconstruct his own language and way of living to establish his own alphabetic by erasing the letters and sounds that we were accustomed too. This is the earliest footage shot in a club in 1983. Hip Hop at the preliminary styles may come across elementary for some. I know better!
This moment in history ushered the music love and pride that will always remain a part of our livelihood and the Hip-Hop Movement. This is the birth of the mass copied, and always imitated Style that came into the minds of young men, that needed a way to express themselves. At times they were homeless and loners or outsiders chasing their way through dreams that others told them would never be a reality. It is OUR lifestyle, promote your love not your money! An artist knows they have to pay the bills, but you never give up your love for the culture, self-expression, and unification that has now swept the nations.

When you lose interest in your gift, so will your fans. Promote you!

Hip Hop began by simply throwing beats together,but then it was social and not violently killing people,until Crack swept the nation.
Who knew that what this moment in 1983 would be the industry beginner? The rebellion and escapism fueled a historical movement that has no end in sight. If there is any earlier footage than 1983,let a sister know? This is the earliest that I could locate anywhere until I found this, 1978!

Ramallzee, Jean Michel Basquiat, Toxic 1, and C-1!