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Sexism is just as prevelant as racism.


Iyana Dior and other Trans Women and men are beaten and murdered simply because of their sexuality.

When homophobic hate crimes happen, the brutalized victim of color barely gets a headline in the newspaper.


We should be furious about what happened to Iyanna Dior, but if our men speak up for her,they will encounter judgements too.

Our men and some women will remain quiet to protect their image,and it’s expected. Sadly, it’s part of the problem.

Iyanna Dior didn’t die, but she still will suffer mentally and physically after her now publicized assault.


Don’t forget, silence is acceptance.


No woman should be treated like Iyanna Dior in this video.


I don’t care what Iyanna said or did in that video, this should not ever happen to anyone.

Why didn’t anyone protect her?


It’s time to make changes and demand more respect for our little girls and all women.


Homophobia and lack of respect for our women in our communities is accepted, because we don’t correct it.


We can make changes.


Thankfully, Iyanna Dior lived through her assault.

Many black lives have ended simply because of hate. Sexism and racism are both forms of systematic hate.

We all deserve acceptance of self, and pride and freedom of beliefs and our freedom of our sexuality.


We have to erase homophobic ignorance and treat women better in all situations.

No woman should ever be subject to this sexist and horrific abuse.

It’s embaressing that a group of our young men were there, and some seemed to enjoy watching her brutalization.



We have to treat our women better, because our little boys are watching.

Those men in the video laughed while Iyanna was assaulted on camera are disappointing to say the least. They need men in their lives to teach them to be better human beings.

We can’t let sexism, ignorance or homophobia “create a race of babies, that hate the ladies.”


It’s not about what’s popular or accepted, it’s about what’s right.

Iyanna Dior survived her assault, but a black girl by the name of Sakia Gunn didn’t survive her hate crime, and she matters too.

Here is Sakia’s story:


We can’t ignore the objectification of our women, this is a factor that destroys our unification and creates other issues in our communities.

I think some of us have disrespected our women publicly for so long, it’s normal and vastly accepted.

We’ve forgotten that we should be protecting our women, not demeaning them.


We are so much better than this video.


I appreciate the men that fight for their communities and keep us protected.

I’m forever grateful for all of our respectable men.

The men that RESPECT their community and our women will inspire more to do the same.

The men that DISRESPECT our communities and women will also inspire more to do the same.

We can’t hide or not address these situations because it creates a negative narrative of our people.

Exposing negativity can bring forth positive changes.


No one should ever be disrespected because of their sexuality, gender preference, or the color of their skin.

Treat people with respect and let our behavior inspire others to be better.

Let people live in their truth.


Let people live.