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What Makes You Beautiful? ***messymandella*** The Lizzie Velasquez Story

      As women, we approach our relevance  by social acceptable, rivalry and superficial trends. We are trained to trash and cyber bully one another and discourage any form of unification.

We encourage each other to compete with women in our society and to encourage beef.
When men imitate and insult our looks and discuss our looks negatively, we are devastated and offended. We should be more embarrassed when we as women imitate that behavior against each other. 


     It’s time to reverse the bullying and society’s ideas of “beauty” which creates superficial ideas of what’s important and what that word truly means.


      We as women as a culture should rewrite the definition of beauty, to inspire little girls to love themselves. 


    Beautiful women radiate elegance and inner strengths and genuine hearts.

Do you?

        Cowards can hide behind computers and insult others, like they do to Lizzie.

     Bullies use their behavior to conceal their own lack of love and diminished self-worth. 

    Lizzie embodies genuine beauty and she challenges our internet trolls that utilize the internet  to embarrass, harass, or torment innocent people.


   It’s a horrible thing to be blinded by the superficial. 


   Are you beautiful ? 


First, we’ve all used some filter or photoshop on a  professional picture online. However, who told you that what your correcting is something you should be ashamed of in the first place? 

  You’ve let society brainwash you in to thinking what makes you unique is ugly, and should be hidden or corrected.



We are gullible enough to assume that our identity and attractiveness are solely based on cosmetics, sex appeal and clothing. 

   There is so much more to beauty than just what we see.

    We destroy our internal confidence by demoralizing ourselves for attention and assuming we should be ashamed to show scars or extra weight on our bodies. 


Then there is Lizzie….

   Think about Lizzie when you insult a stranger, just to stroke your ego. We can’t be hypocrites and preach women empowerment, when we ourselves are bullying women only to empower ourselves.


    Embrace your flaws, your  physical qualities are only a small part of what makes you genuinely beautiful. 





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