Tsu Surf + AR AB ***messymandella***

  This is a gritty music video but it represents what’s happening in our culture and streets every day.

    Deaths by firearms are daily occurrences that our young men and women face in their neighborhoods.

   In some urban neighborhoods the numbers are only increasing. We witness young children, strong men and civilians dying for no reason. 

   We hear a little about the ignored gun violence in Chicago, but it happens everywhere.

    You don’t have to live in constant and uneasy misery, you deserve to live in peace.

     Put the guns down, if not for you, do it for your children and your other loved ones. 

Your loved ones need you here. 

Haven’t we lost enough of you? 



Soul For Real + Heavy D ***messymandella***

The Pharcyde + Shad ***messymandella***