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Fight racism at all cost.

Racist want to “put you in your place” because you are a threat to their hillbilly ways.

Defeat them, publicly.

They want you out of their sight, because you are a threat.

Lift them out of their place, because they deserve it.

That crown of yours…

It blinds the bigot who lives their life full of hate because it shines too bright.

They want you in shackles, defeat them.

This worid is a creation of every ethnicity and no one should be treated like their life doesn’t matter.

Fight racist for what’s right and make sure they remember your name and your strength.

Make the K.K.K. learn from their lies and hate.

No one will argue your greatness or question your cause.

Oppression is a set back you experience, right before you are victorious.

Fight, Win, and Laugh when you win.

Rednecks must be defeated at all cost.

Tell your story, fight racism.


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