Joy Denalane + Time Management ***messymandella***

Someone needs to hear this and you know who you are…

Life is about blessings and positivity and building a legacy.

You can’t spend everyday checking for a text or a message or checking the mileage on your lover’s car. Why torture yourself, when you don’t have to, just why?

You have wasted your  precious time on someone who doesn’t appreciate  your time.

Time is fleeting, before you know it months turn into years of resurrecting a dead situation.

You can’t stop living your life by chasing someone else’s.

People do what they want to do and go where they want to go.

Live your lives beautiful women and handsome men. Find someone that accepts your children and views and respects  you.

If they don’t spend time with you, someone else will and that is who deserves it.

God didn’t give you breath in your lungs to forget how to live. Clear your head of anything that’s not helping you follow your dreams.

Baby, people look at their phones all day…

He felt too guilty to acknowledge your font.

Men, live with a queen that respects you.

We deserve genuine love. You are not weak for loving, they are weak to take your love for granted. People can change, but only if they want to…

If it hurts more than it  helps, Let it go.

Live, stress free.

Again, people do what they want to do.

Be like D, I don’t sweat unessential things.

It is a cold world, but God got us.

Trust in your journey and trust in his plan. Give it to God, “Let Go!”


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