No More – The Children Of Birmingham March ***messymandella***

     Yes, it’s the 50th Anniversary Of The Murder Of Martin Luther King Jr.

     Our Civil Rights Activist’s speeches still ring true in our ears and have been memorialized in our civil disobedience.

   We as a community  believe in Civil and of course Women’s Rights. Everyday they will be challenged.

No matter what, we fight for our rights.

Martin gave his life so you could have a voice.

MLK Jr gave his life so black women and men could become wealthy and own property. Men can now thanks to Civil War Movement  provide for their children with pride and not live in constant fear.

My grandfather was a black man in South Carolina before Martin’s March and activism. My grandfather was also fair skinned was lighter than me.

He could have “passed” as white to live a better life.

He didn’t…

It almost cost him his life. The Klu Klux Klan despised my grandfather  for owning land and having pride.

One night the K.K.K. came for him and my great grandmother hid him in a barrel of potatoes.

They would have hung him by a tree to prove a point, for no reason.

They hated his pride in himself, they needed to kill his pride and  dream…

It’s important to gamble everything for humanity. Don’t ignore this day or be ignorant of the reverence this day deserves.

Never be ashamed or fear the repercussions of speaking your voice, when it is a bigger picture at hand. 

Find out your family history and the spirit of MLK will guide you too.

Every front door you walk in today,thank him. If you sit at the higher counter for food, you should thank Martin Luther King Jr. 

Civil Rights Activist including these children were compassionate enough to fight for humanity.

Some people are Martyrs and do not live a life just for themselves.

Some of us are like a star, a fleeting star…

God will use you to shine your light and teach the world how to fight for humanity where it’s lost.

If you are remembered 50 years from now, your life however impermanent, was still worth living. 


We have a morality that we can presume to ignore, but we know…

These children had nothing, they endured hell, so we should take a moment to thank them for unselfishly fighting for us.

They were poor, but rich of heart.

The heart is where we will find our true wealth.

Thank Martin Luther King Jr for everything you have today. 

Safaree + Angie Martinez ***messymandella***

Damian Marley + Bobby Brown ***messymandella***

It’s The 90th Birthday Of Women’s Right’s Pioneer, Maya Angelou ***messymandella***

This is a reminder that you have a prominent place in this world.

Love your skin.

Love your curves.

Love you, defend your character.

Build a legacy.

Live a life that you will never be ashamed of…

Never be afraid to stand up for yourself.

We know it’s not our world out here, but we must keep fighting for our rights.

Let your voices be heard, even when you are standing alone.

   We have Dr. Angelou here to remind us all to fight for our rights!


   This is from Black History Month, but it will give you that phenomenal feeling all year long.