Mary J Blige, The Hip Hop Icon ***messymandella***

   “The Queen Of Hip Soul” will forever be timeless. Mary J Blige changed the game with her trademark fashion and imitated hair styles.



Rashida Jones created a nostalgic 1990’s music video as a representation of our women in music.


I posted the video below on this website in a previous  post.

TLC, Eve, Lil Kim, Faith Evans, Total, Brandy, and Aaliyah will forever challenge beauty stereotypes.

Women challenge ideologies  of fashion or beauty standards with  unapologetic expression. 

Don’t be mislead by a superficial  definition of what constitutes as “sexy” or “beautiful ” in our culture.



Our ethnic beauty traits are admired and often duplicated.

Celebrate your heritage.

Women are obsessed with excessive tanning, lip injections, and butt injections, just not our ethnic hair…

Nappy hair is not the celebrated look…




We as a society can’t judge black women that wear long silky  weave, when apparently Society views ethnic hair as a curse.

Ladies of all races, admire your distinct genetic traits.


 Nappy hair is not a curse, but we have stepped into this racist mindset that it is… 


You  are beautiful regardless of your hair weave or your nappy hair.



No matter what others believe, listen when I remind you that your crowns will  fit comfortably on the top of your weave, braids, or your curly afro.

You will blind the world with your light.

Keep doing you!

Always wear your crown like our Queen, Mary J Blige. 



This is what  sexuality and greatness looks like… 




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