***Update – Alton Sterling’s Murder Will Be Ignored Due To Racism! The New Cold War: Police Vs The Public***messymandella***

1920 These two are not enemies, but would she feel at ease if she was an African-American man during this killing season? 




An African-American woman decides to hug a Policeman that decides to hug her back!

It should never be a decision or uncomfortable feeling in the Unites States Of America, when it comes to protecting and serving the citizens that we are sworn to protect.



We are in a cold war because even if urban men are not guilty of a crime during a police altercation, they may be murdered.

Our cold war intensifies because of the Alton Sterlings and  Eric Garners.

We as citizens also must  become more vocal and bridge the gap of hatred and racism  in our communities.

Citizens are fearful against undeserved violence, but the police believe they are in danger,too.


We must make sure that fathers make it home to their children, no matter the color of the skin.

At the end of the day, the citizens and police are pounding the pavement to ensure a better life for their families and communities.

We can utilize our resources and become one and end this cold war.

It is mandatory that policemen and citizens STOP threatening each other, period.

If the honest police officers feel threatened more of us will die from beatings and gun shots.

The crooked cops will unfortunately use their badges to murder us. 

If they assume they are in harm’s way, by law they will be vindicated, no one will serve time for stealing our lives.

Doesn’t matter what the evidence will conclude …

Unification will only begin the process of ending this Cold War, when we respectfully facilitate in making our community a peaceful haven for the youth and our women.

History will continue to repeat itself, if we don’t stand up for our people and our civil rights to earn a living (Police) or walk the streets (Alton Sterling) without fear. 


Martin Luther King Jr.

Remember that all fathers have little girls and boys that  are waiting for them to come home.

Let’s speak on the misgivings and diminished trust between the police officers and our men, due to racism  and end this Cold War. We create music and videos to speak through our hurt and obvious disrespect for our lives. 


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