17 Students ***messymandella***

Angels are every place you go, offering you protection. 

Tears are expected for the friends, classmates or families of the victims and we hurt too.

  Heaven gained 17 Angels 



Every single tear is valid and expected but they will love, laugh and protect you until you see them again. 


Ciara + Sienna ***messymandella***

V Bozeman + Young Life ***messymandella***

Mo’nique + 106 KMEL ***messymandella***

Big L- Put It On ***messymandella***

“Put It On, Big L Put It On”
(May 30,1974 – Feburary 15, 1999)

Big L’s lyrics defined the hustle and ambition of the Harlem hustler.

His sound and delivery solidified the Hip-hop sound in Harlem, New York.

Big L, a member of The “Children Of The Corn” with Mase, Cam’ron, Herb and Derrick created a buzz if his own.

Big L also released tracks with his “Diggin In The Crates Crew”  that included Fat Joe and  recorded tracks with Kid Capri and Lord Finnese.

Hip-hop relevance should never be determined by  the  release date of the recording or the artist’s life span.

Music lives on and so will Big L.