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We are excellence.

Please believe me when I remind you that our people didn’t  originate from shitholes as Donald Trump would have you believe. 

At the end of the day, everyone sstruggles  some point internally or physically in this life.

Jay Z didn’t ask to reside in the Marcy Projects, but he made a living there living with a single mom.


Now it’s in his past.


Camron didn’t have the option to reject  Foster Care, he did what he did, because he had what he had…

We are so eager to judge someone’s decisions.

Of course our options are limitless, but everyone’s struggle begins and ends differently.

Sometimes it takes a life changing event, to lead you in the right direction.

We never know what someone is dealing with privately.

Yes, Cam is honestly giving the world his story.

Was he wrong at that time?

I didn’t have his unstable living environment.

We can’t base Camron’s  past situation or actions on our belief system because we weren’t there..



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