I Want To See You Shine ***messymandella***

      This world is crazy, and the envy and your fears  will  convince you not to grind and it’s pointless. Some will  laugh at your current state or you not achieving immediate success. 


    People will play minds games to manipulate or endanger your freedom.

       Amazing men are in the prison cells or in their graves because they hustled and got caught up. They  only wanted to have a better life and shine.

     Some men  hustled just for money for studio time, but never had their chance to shine.

      You still have your chance

       You are not accountable for where you were born, but you are accountable for where you are going.

     You still have your chance.


      Never let anyone convince you that you are failing, or your journey is taking to long or pointless because of their calendar. It’s on you.

       You still must shine, don’t be mislead and let others get in your head.

     You must remain grounded and loyal to the ones that believed in you. Determination and loyalty create an uplifting legacy. 

      I know you can shine, even if no one believes in you. No one believed in me either.

      I ignored my insults and hate and now have amazing people in my life.

      These people know and will never question my loyalty.     

      Surround yourself with unselfishness and loyalty even when you are not around.

    Keep loyalty  in your life! 

    Happy  and loyal people will be proud to see you shine. 











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