Graphic – Libyan Slavery Documentary ***messymandella***

  Slavery in 2017?

      Will our government interfere for the purpose of humanity and end Slavery in Libya?

    We shouldn’t have to convince our government leaders to passionately defend racial segregation, classism and humanity. 

     We wouldn’t ignore slavery if it became a present day practice in North America.

   That means we shouldn’t ignore slavery in Africa.

 History repeats itself and it will become unbearable and slavery can once again flourish in Africa and spread on all continents, if we ignore the mistreatment of slaves in Libya.


What if no one helped our ancestors?

What if the slaves in the United States were ignored?

We can no longer stand by and watch the death of our people and relive historical genocide.

We also need our own reality check. We can’t be ignorant and selfishly believe that history can’t repeat itself!  

  The longer slavery happens the wealth and quality of life for Libya will decrease horribly.

 It takes a brave man to risk his life for his family.

Libya, will continue to have selfless fathers forced on boats with those haunting and dreadful glares in their eyes knowing what awaits…

They shouldn’t have to endure these conditions. 


   Fathers are passively entering this illegal practice for the greater good and safety for their children and wives.

   Father’s risk their freedom and don’t want their children to endure the pain. Fathers take the punches, cutting, and unimaginable abuse to protect their families.

     My father would undoubtedly endure unlimited forms of torture to protect our family and save my life. You fathers reading this would give your life for your daughters and sons too. 

     Someone must dismantle, prosecute and bring financial aid to rebuild the lives of the current slaves and restore freedom for everyone.  

      The United States of America and The United Nations could destroy this barbaric practice, if it was of utmost priority to their regime.

     If human slavery existed in London, England or Toronto, Canada the government would have interfered and justice would prevail. Sadly, you will not recieve immediate rescue from slavery if you are poor,black and live in Libya.


      It’s past time for the government to  interfere and restore Libya.  

It’s imperative we don’t just get excited to protest but then two months later forget.  

        World leaders are clearly informed about the mistreatment of our Libyan brother’s and sisters, but sadly  it’s not a priority.

In 2017  black slaves are tortured, sold, disgraced just because of their skin color, social and economic background.

      We citizens will continue to speak up and hopefully our prayers will reach a giving and humble heart with power to end Slavery, again.

       The government will continue to ignore human decency and quality but we won’t. We can’t afford to ignore Injustice and repeat history.

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