Update – LA’Capone’s Murder Now Solved~***messymandella***

L’A Capone Death

          What happened on the day of   September 26, 2013? Who decided to play God? The last 24 hours that L’A Capone, a member of the “600” Gang with Lil Durk ended his life on September 26,2013  before becoming a legal adult. He died a child that wanted ONLY wanted his mom to bake a homemade chocolate cake for his birthday? While leaving the studio after recording music he walked outsidearound 6:00 Pm, he was dead two hours later.

           Allegedly, LA Capone went to look for his boys that were suppose to meet him down the street! Someone knew he was at the studio and knew when his “ride” was picking him up. As he was walking down an alley near 70th Street and Stony Island Avenue, he was approached and was attacked by assailants on foot. He walked on his familiar Street for the last time…

      According to testimony, That beautiful little boy in dreads looked up and four shots were soon fired! Those bullets tore into his flesh, hitting him in his thigh and lower back.


               Lil Durk, who has been friends,and member of “600” with him for more than five years that night he was on Twitter telling fans to pray for LA’Capone! While they tweeted prayers, their prayers seemed in vain. They were not because his death is a reason to fight for our young black kings. We need to fight more.


Lil Durk later would later tweet “RIP Lil Bro” at Capone’s twitter around 8:00PM…

Who destroyed that baby’s life and now who should pay the price? 


Rest In PEACE Leonard Anderson AKA L’A Capone.

These death’s are being ignored due their financial misfortune and ethnicity.

We must aim to change our mindsets and behavior, it’s only getting worst. Here is a tribute to the fallen, this is just from 2017. This is not blaming rappers, they only speak  on what they’ve overcome. The blame is on us as a society for not fighting to save these children and ignoring the blood shed. We do what we want to do in life, so why don’t we want to give them insight and be a force just to remind them they are loved and have other options?


Can’t we lend them our voices and time as an attempt to educate them about  killing each other?

This is racism against our own.

Are we only concerned with what’s only in front of us?

Every funeral t-shirt and tear could be a lesson, if we could admit that black lives matter outside of our inner circles. Desperation and lack of resources are deciding factors for the uniformed.


We have the time and intelligence to bring change.

We fight, march and protest when someone of another race murders are youth. We should have more enthusiasm and protest when it comes to murdering each other. Why destroy everything the Civil Rights movement gave our people? Every lost life, for selfish reasons is a disgrace and hinders our growth. We must bring back self-love because the children are watching.


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