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Update: Remembering James Wright Foley (murdered by I.S.I.S) ***messymandella***

December 19th, 2018 

 Update! December 19th, 2018. The original story is below, thank you for reading. 


When you live this life unselfishly, you find yourself being an unsung hero, as the late James Foley.

When you are disgusted by others greed and deception for personal gain, remain humble and not so judgment.

You must remember a journalist that put himself in unsafe conditions to remind the world of it’s injustice.

We have no idea why we keep fighting this war and not 10 people can even give you the same answer…

We are told to protect our people and live in a safer environment, how can we fight in another country, when we can’t control our inner city neighborhoods?


This man was missing for years, and he made the news because of his decapitation.

Why couldn’t we save his life, and was his life worth the fight?

Never encourage death, but his death is of pride and determination to not live just for himself.

He lived for the people.

I will NEVER post that video of him being beheaded. I am not going to give ISIS the power that they so desperately were seeking to negotiate their demands.

We will never end war, because the people will never be told the complete truth, of the reason why we fight?

Some people have never heard of James Foley until the shocking ISIS video was posted.

James  lived as a humanitarian to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves.

His legacy remains in tact, and I hope is family knows that when you die with a purpose to help others, you have truly lived.

James was courageous and unselfish and we must fight as a nation to remind others that religion and hate are never reasons to lose your life.


In this life, you may be required to live unselfishly like the late activist,

James Foley.