13 Years Later… Did officer steve calkins murder terrance williams and Felipe Santos?***messymandella***

          121 January 11,2003,  Terrance  Williams  wanted to go out, but  did have legal cause to drive his vehicle. Terrance calls roommate because he  is scared to drive home,too many cops. Terrance  does not come home that night. His roommate assumes he was with a woman. Next monday, Terrance roommates calls random phone numbers in phone.People who were at the party, knew he left around 6 am. 24 hours later, Terrance’s roommate sends email to Terrance’s mom worried. Wednesday, he is missing for 48 hours. Of course, they are starting to panicked. 27-year-old Terrance williams  was never seen again. None of his friends  are able to contact him. Terrance had a couple of DUIs, and could not register his White Cadillac in Florida. He  depended on his mom and friends to get him back and forth for work. He would  sneak  and drive his vehicle out of desperation. However, driving illegal should never lead to a  disappearance. Once the friends and family  could not find him  in Naples, Florida they contacted relatives in his home state of Tennessee.

            They called the local  sheriff  (deputy Steve Calkins) who signed the towing receipt. Oddly, the deputy never reported towing the vehicle  his Police Department. Steve Calkins is a seasoned police officer. He knew proper procedures that he was expected to follow, as a an officer. He denied “remembering” towing the car. The craziest part is Calkins  has been a law enforcer  for over 17 years. Steve Calkins is full of shit. There is no way in hell that a police officer could not remember towing a white Cadillac, 4 days before.

         Marcia Williams wants justice for her son. No one has seen Terrance Williams, since January 11, 2003. Steve Calkins , has done this  before. Felipe Santos has also vanished. The last person to see Felipe Santos was of course, Steve Calkins. Felipe disappeared 3 months before Terrance Williams. This is outrageous and not a damn  coincidence. Steve Calkins, needs to receive his punishment. Felipe Santos and Terrance Willams were never seen after meeting Deputy Steve Calkins. I wonder how many others have suffered the same fate?

           This is story needs wings. 4 children, deserve to put their daddy to rest. Terrance loved his family and paid child support on all 4 of his children. Terrance  and Felipe families need closure. Tyler Perry is offering  $100,000 for any information that leads to recovering  Terrance and Felipe.

              I forget to mention, Steve Calkins was recorded calling the vehicle in the video towed, he called in a “Signal 11” which means abandoned vehicle. You can’t have an abandoned vehicle if you spoke to the driver of the vehicle.Terrance Williams is clearly heard speaking to Calkins in a recording, from his Cop Car. Yes, he is   recorded on the phone talking to  Steve Calkins, and he also said that he was joking when he said it was “abandoned” and a “homie ” vehicle.There is nothing funny about this situation. Steve Calkins has been fired, because of  polygraph and conflicting stories. Just think this happened after Civil Rights Movement and  Jim Crow. This should not have in our decade. The lack of coverage for this case, is sickening and disgusting. I wish their  live were deemed newsworthy…



They ALWAYS covering up for their fellow officers . The town next to us Jennings,La were 8women killed and EVERYONE KNOWS that it was a cop because of the cleaning of CLOROX and a 1 WOMAN was found in a Police’s Field and no one has been prosecuted we’ve had BIG SHOWS COME TO JENNINGS and FBI as well and only thing the public is hearing is that it’s an inside job that’s being covered so we just need to pray for justice for ALL THE FAMILIES INVOLVED


I usually side with the police, but this Deputy has no business being a cop. No one who uses racial slurs, or changes their story so many times can be in such a power position. I truely believe that the deputy did have some thing to do with both disappearances. I hate to think it is possible, but I bet there are more than just 2 missing persons in this deputy’s background. He should be strung up. I feel he is guilty on all aspects. Please bring justice to the families and to the victims themselves, should anyone out there know anything at all. God bless the families.

You’re a lying murderer Calkins. You will be punished.





  1. This needs to be investigated and this POS needs to come clean NOW. Who knows how many more people he killed. Disgusting that the Police Department isn’t interested in the truth at all. This sheriff is likely a serial killer.

    • Why investigate? You have made up your mind.

      • u must be a cop… if so fuck u MF! because you should wanna investigate this farther to see if we have a serial killer!!! if not a cop its not fuck u MF its jus that was a dumb and ludicrous statement… if you are a cop ill fight u for charity that goes to childrens hospital of your choice or any charity jus to kick ur fuckin ass pig ass

      • There has been investigation and Calkins murdered them

      • Too many people saw the Deputy interact with these 2 men. The tow truck driver is also a witness. How stupid would Caulkins be to kill them with so many witnesses placing him with these 2 men? Caulkins did pass his first polygraph, but failed his second. It’s a proven fact that people will sometimes fail a second test due to accusations, nerves and false pretenses since the first polygraph was given and accusations in the newspapers.

        There must be another answer to what happened with these men. Maybe Felipe went back to Mexico and Terrence just took off.

        We really need to have either physical evidence or bodies. It looks bad for Caulkins, but I need proof before saying, “Guilty.”

        If Caulkins wants to clear his name, he should come forward and give sworn testimony before a grand jury, which brings me to the question, “Why hasn’t this case been presented to a grand jury?”

      • still no justice

  2. i wqtch this on ID last night, it was so sad, how this police was never made to explain what happen to the two men. Its like the 4 civil rights guys all over again. I think he drove them to the everglads, and made the get out the car, then shot them, and drag the bodies near the river for the crocodiles. The police or investigators should have caught a few crocodiles, and you would most certainly see body parts in their bellies. Didnt they have a tracking device on all police cars. This guy is pure evil. I cant imagine the fear these two young men had after they knew, they were going to be killed, so very sad. I hope the media keep this story in the press, so that one day steve calkins would tell what he did to those two guys. I doubt he can carry this heavy burden to his grave.

    • You have an amazing heart. These men deserve to be put in a proper resting place.This story never leaves me.

  3. I am so glad tyler perry help the families in some way or another, did the police department continue to investigate this crime? you never know if this evil man, killed people before these two guys. Good thing the cemetery people saw terrence got in the police car, otherwise the police would be able to say what he wanted to say, and no proof. I cant believe people can be so evil. He really hate minority people. I hope he pay for his sins before he part this earth.

  4. he probably living a happy life collecting his police pension, how can he live with himself. He was a deputy police, and knew how not to go back to the bodies. I bet he told a friend something, maybe one day, someone will come forward. This is sickening. He ask those two guys to get out the car, and shot them dead. He knew where to let them off. God will show the answer in the right time, did the families sue the police department? I got nightmares thinking about how much fear these guys had, and you never knew what he did to them after he shot them, maybe he hated minority people so bad, he probably torture them. I pray that one day, we find more answers.

    • You seem to know a lot of details about what happened. Where you there?

      • Steve the deteals were on the show and have video evidence hell are you the Steve that murdered those guys or are you just a white supremacist like him who thinks he should get away with murdering human beings?

      • Calkins, you think you can run to Iowa to escape the scrutiny you were under in Naples? Dude, do yourself in now, save the taxpayers money for your civil trial. You are a POS who deserves exactly what you did to those men. What did you do Calkins, have their death traps all ready to go so all you had to do is take them to it? This story is NEVER going away until your sick self is locked up!!!!!! Lol loser. Hope life is crappy for you with everyone knowing your a murderer.

  5. These stories stink & it’s blatantly obvious who committed these crimes! Enough with police corruption & cover-ups already. As the public we are sick & tired of being treated like fools who will believe everything. Arrest this SOB & put him away where he belongs.

    • That family has been forced to suffer in silence without support from the town. We know they are dead, but everyone needs closure and justice. Thank you for reading

      • You are absolutely right! No matter what they may have done in their past, but by them obtaining honest jobs to make an honest living to provide for their families, justice should be done.

  6. Yep definitely a cop cover up…need to do something about these corrupt cops…hopefully culkins gets what he deserves……

  7. Calkins is guilty a lier and should be in jail getting what he deserves

    • He is someone who rests or reclines?

  8. Murderer Pig white trash

  9. He killed these two men. Piece of garbage ex-cop.

  10. Just execute the MOTHAFUCKER.he suposed 2 know better.sad…very sad.how can this be tolerated.i saw this on ID, i live in Holland,..bur distance doesnt matter.Thia officer is a Devils Son,..4real.
    Playing 4God.
    I feel sorry 4 both family.
    someone who suposed 2 Guide,Serve & Protect.

    God Bless the victims familys with so much strenght,and faith.

  11. It’s apparent the police department doesn’t want to be sued, so there not pursuing it 100% effort. I understand a bod an motive is needed. But the officer lied, they prosecute ppl for way less evidence.
    My heart hurts for the families. May you eventually have closure, and the officer rot in jail.

  12. I watched the TV show today that documents the disappearance. I thought as the show went on and the cop was identified that this show would end in some kind of resolution for the families.
    But of course not! I was so pissed and frustrated when the show ended, especially with the investigator’s final comments about contiuning to work the case.

    – continually changed his story as he was caught in lie after lie.
    – recorded conversations both disgusting and evidence of contact
    – failed lie detector
    – the condition of his car
    – no evidence he dropped either off at Circle K


    I can’t even begin to imagine what the families have been going through and pray they get justice.

    • My thoughts exactly but yet I’m an rn with no criminal history and officers searched my house because I live in a decent neighbor hood and someone said I sold drugs smh Just because Im a blk woman who can afford average things doesnt mean I sell drugs I have a career

    • I agree about not understanding how they didn’t have enough for a search warrant. I watch tons of these types of shows and have seen dozens of episodes where they have FAR less evidence and get search warrants without issue. Garbage.

  13. I saw this show on Missing today clear over here in Norway. I am appalled what happened to these two men! The police officer’s home should have even searched. They should look into his background. I do believe this man is a serial killer under the guise of protecting society. My heart goes out to the families, the mother of Terence broke my heart. My prayers are that someone somewhere will find these men and give the families closure. I wish there was something I could do. 😪

  14. I would love to meet this officer and shake his hand! He singlehandedly took out two useless dirtbags, well done officer!

    • Thanks Hitler

    • How can you say something like that?!? Did you know them personally, or even anything about them?!? I believe f**kin’ not!! Whatever they may have done in their past, they paid there dues to society. And another thing, they both had honest jobs! Even if it was in lawn care, construction, etc. You sound like the type that would have a Hispanic person doing your lawn, because your lazy fat assumed is gonna do it. You’re probably the type who sits behind a desk all day, telling women and minorities what they should do, should have done, or how to do it! Well sir, these men probably help build that nice office you’re in, or made your lawn look immaculate. And knowing you, you’ll brag about it to your snobby coworkers, neighbors, relatives who you probably belittle, and those few friends that you have. And I’m guessing about 95 % of them talk about you behind your back…. especially after they leave your place during the holidays; or let’s say a bbq in the summer, to brag about your immaculate lawn!!

  15. Need to lock this cracker ass cop up…He is a Trump lover I’m sure and kills all niggas and spinks it looks like he can

  16. I am shocked that this police officer hadn’t been charged with kidnapping these two young men. Thanks Tyler Perry for all the help to really bring the spotlight on this story.

  17. Calkins, you are a murderer! I wonder how many more men or women you’ve done this to ? A serial killer with a badge. I hope you read this, I hope you’re constantly looking over your shoulder. If you want to know how to get a good night sleep I’ll tell you, confess! Give the families closure. There’s a special place in hell for people like you calkins I’m not judge, jury or executioner but I know evil when I see it because I’ve seen alot. I would say hope you have a good life if you were human but your not. Just know you’re being watched serial killer. If you read this leave me a comment, I’ll give you my address Barney. You sicken me, you make law enforcement look bad.

  18. He’s a nasty ass man and one day he will get what’s coming to him that makes you not want to trust sheriff officers I pray for the families I just seen it on ID.

  19. I am so sick hearing about this and the fact that it happened in 2004 and I’ve never heard about this before is maddening. What’s even worse is that this devil is still a free man. I wish I could talk to the family and be there for them. What a handsome young man with such a beautiful mother and gorgeous daughter. They are some very strong women. God bless them and bring some justice to Terrance!

  20. I definitely remember seeing a Collier County Sheriff’s Department patrol car kinda early(between the hrs of 8:30-9:30 a.m.) talking to a couple of men in a truck. I found it odd because it was in Broward County near the Everglades. I told my friend I was riding with that I didn’t think a deputy from 1 county could stop a car in a different county. And have another person already in the back.

  21. This case has haunted me for years but I believe this serial killer will be brought to justice!! Your days are numbered Fake officer and the day of judgement is upon you! All lives matter…

  22. The boy had an extensive criminal history for slinging drugs,assault,etc. ’nuff said !

    • So did Jay Z and the Reagan administration

    • So that means he deserved how he got treated ??? Wrong! You’re what’s wrong with this country.

    • How can any rational human being think what happened to these to MEN is okay? I just don’t understand. Or are you just trying to perpetuate the stereotypical image of a red neck Texan? Either way, you along with a lot of other people should be able to tell wrong from right despite your prejudices. And not try to justify murder.

  23. I hope the families get justice. I send them my prayers and that they get all their prayers answer. Let them know all cops are not bad, I have a nephew that is a cop and he would do the right thing if he knew that a cop done something wrong..

  24. Officer Steven calkins now lives in Cedar rapids, iowa. Wonder if he’s doing the same shit in iowa as he did in Florida. .?

    • Prob so just pray God will give the families justice and most likely he did throw the bodies to the crocodiles I just thk its so sad may God have mercy on u or shld I say have no mercy on u

  25. I live in Great Britain and have just watched a programme regarding the 2 missing men, apparently they weren’t allowed a search warrant to enter the police officers home, but since when has circumstantial evidence not been enough? That Calkins is a killer and I have NO doubt that if the evidence they already have was put in front of a judge the warrant would be signed, I also believe that these are not his only crimes, 17 years he’s had to perfect his M.O. and from what I’ve seen nobody’s bothered checking on him, the probable cause is there it just takes a little gumption to get this creature locked away, he will make a mistake but the families need their justice and they need to put their loved ones to rest, surely there’s someone who cares, there must be??!!

  26. I was shocked and so disappointed the first time I saw this case on Investigation Discovery. Now, I’m beyond shocked, I’m in disbelief that this hasn’t been resolved, Steve Calkins needs to be held accountable. I realize that the case is based on a lot of circumstantial evidence, but if that’s all you’ve got, that’s all you’ve got and you go with it! The District Attorney needs to move on this now!!!!! Steve Calkins is clearly a racist murderer, let’s put him where he belongs!!!!!

  27. Please..you racest son of a ?!#&/…..it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out your guilt..GOD WILL NOT LET YOU GO UNPUNISHED AND WE THE PEOPLE NEVER WILL EITHER!!!….I HOPE THOSE INOCENT YOUNG MEN THAT YOU’VE TAKEN FROM OUR WORLD OF LOYALTY AND LOVE, HAUNT YOU IN YOUR EVERYDAY PATHETIC LIFE… just keep picking up dog shit before your every cut..being a landscaper is a shity job!

  28. I just saw this story and my heart bleeds. I am lost for words. I thought I would just say a prayer but his mother’s prayers have not been answered. I am unable to pray due to outrage but will TRUST the GOD will turn the darkness to light.

  29. Isnt being made to dissapear forever2 men just like murdering 2 men and should u not be punished for murdering 2 men because u are a cop. And the cops covering up should be charged to

  30. Justice needs to be served in the case of these two missimg men. Steve Calkins needsto be put on trial,and let a jury decide if he is guily. I believe there is sufficient evidence to warrant a trial. He must be punished .These men are obviously dead at the hands of racist Steve Calkins. Tyler Perry should forge on with this case. Thank God for Tyler Perry.,because of him the public is aware of this gross injustice.

  31. These two men rest their souls are dead but they are more officers involved. I believe that they were killed and were on his property or some kind of back woods. I can see that. I have feelings that this has been going on in his career for about 15 years. Hes a racist and so are others in the Naples police department.

  32. These two men rest their souls are dead but they are more officers involved. I believe that they were killed and were on his property or some kind of back woods. I can see that. I have feelings that this has been going on in his career for about 15 years. Hes a racist and so are others in the Naples police department.

  33. If it were just a regular USA citizen they’d be charged by now. I’ve seen charged with less evidence and innocent people cop needs to go to trial from Canada

  34. Where is this sheriff now? I hope not still employed as a cop! He’s a liar and murderer! Evidence shows he’s done this before! And nothing has been done about it! They always uphold their own! White men has been murdering for decade! But he will reap what hes sown! It’s written in the word…
    The world will fade away but the word of GOD will stand. This dirty cop secret will be exposed publicly! Bc he’s hid this long enough! I how justice pecans for both families. I pray for all families involved in this horrendous crime! This is disheartening.

    • I hope justice prevails

  35. It’s very apparent that Steve Calkins murdered these men, I’ve thought this over long enough to come to a simple conclusion, not only is Calkins responsible but his words will come back to haunt him. He mentioned “maybe he’s in the cemetery” in reference to Terrance Williams when he was lying about having no knowledge of the owner of the Cadillac. Calkins didn’t have the time to dispose of the bodies of both men (3 months apart) while on his shift, so I’ve come to the conclusion that he may have had a friend that worked in the funeral home which would probably have an incinerator for cremations… so put 2 and 2 together, and have those investigators check that out, it makes sense. If not incinerated, they may have been put in pre-dug graves for the recently deceased, which easily can covered over with a bit of dirt, then lower a coffin on top and your victims are successfully dealt with, no fuss, no muss, and who would think to look there? These investigators need to look outside of the box, Calkins is guilty and needs to pay the price for his cold hearted treatment of minorities, I hope to God this man pays for what he has done.

    • I thought that too.

  36. Try picking him up and use some good old Uncle Sam and CIA interrogation techniques
    Called Water Boarding. He will talk and it is a
    Quick way to make $200,000.00. They always talk.

    • ☕thank you

      • He is a killer, and probably a serial killer. Someone needs to go up there to his home, and get a confession via any means necessary. How is he allowed to live his life when its clearly obvious he did it. He wouldn’t even go to the grand jury hearing, he refused, so its obvious he is hiding all the facts. im sure you can find his address on the electoral roll of that state/county… so, anyone can technically find this piece of shit…. so tempting. he is not the only one, lee and collier county have the most corrupt cops in the country id bet.. really are scum and people wonder why people hate cops! the barrel has only one or two good apples, not the other way around, but even those apples rot. fk the pig…

  37. Every single time Tamron Hall’s series airs this episode I get so disgusted. Calkins clearly is responsible for the deaths of these 2 men(and maybe others). We need to come together and make it hot for this jerk who thinks
    he is above the law. Where is his photo? In the day of Black Twitter, this guy should be vilified.

  38. He is a killer, and probably a serial killer. Someone needs to go up there to his home, and get a confession via any means necessary. How is he allowed to live his life when its clearly obvious he did it. He wouldn’t even go to the grand jury hearing, he refused, so its obvious he is hiding all the facts. im sure you can find his address on the electoral roll of that state/county… so, anyone can technically find this piece of shit…. so tempting. he is not the only one, lee and collier county have the most corrupt cops in the country id bet.. really are scum and people wonder why people hate cops! the barrel has only one or two good apples, not the other way around, but even those apples rot. fk the pig…

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