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Thank You, Gabrielle Union, You Spoke Up For Us! ***messymandella***

As women and men confront their inner demons, it is imperative to speak up for sexual assault victims like me. 

I felt afraid and embarrassed to admit, I too was a victim of sexual abuse.


I was 5 years old and my cousin was 17 years old and threatened me not to speak up. My cousin pointed at my uncle’s hunting rifle and told me that he would kill my mom and dad OUR grandmother and it would be all my fault. When I told my dad later in life, he thanked me for not telling him. I looked over at him, he had tears in his eyes. My father  told me if I would have told him, he would be in prison for man slaughter. That is why I scream # BringBackOurGirls. I am one of those girls…


You inspire women like myself, and other girls that are having difficulty with the constant nightmares or unexplainable feelings of guilt toward a sexual assault of any kind.



Someone, somewhere will gather strength to not be defined by their assault, but never forgetting to speak up, thanks to you.  We love you Gabby, for that…


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