My Beautiful Angel***messymandella***Will Be Honored For Her Life!


UPDATE:There will be a dedication at a playground for you, tomorrow. We will never forget you! I LOVE YOU! I know you will have fun playing!

You Are My Little Angel, with your tilted halo!

One of my best friends lost her child in an accident.

The little girl had the most energy.

 I love and still feel pain when I think of Omara.


I miss the smell of your hair.

I miss the devilish smile, you had on your  face.

I worried about your mom, and how we could cope.

I live in the comfort of knowing you  will be “Forever Young.”

I miss you, but I know you will play forever in my heart.

Love You

Sadly, It still feels like yesterday.

When will I stop missing her?

Last week was the heart wrenching anniversary of your death.

I can’t believe it has been 6 years

You never made it to the third grade.

You will be missed!

I know you have to feel the love you left behind.

Autie Dee still misses you as if  I gave birth to you.

I guess that’s what happens, when your heart’s stolen by an Angel.