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update: Birdman may have committed a crime of passion! ***messymandella***

        UPDATE: Lil Wayne and Bird Man and His New thug may have allegedly conspired to muder Lil Wayne, the now estranged partner of Cash Money Record’s Bird Man. This is not the fairy tale ending that we at ***messymandella*** were hoping for in regards to the Bird Man and Lil Wayne break up. Could Bird Man have initiated the shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus this past April? When emotions run high and jealousy infiltrates a relationship only the strongest partnerships can continue to flourish. Some can just kiss and say Good Bye, but others want revenge. No one wants to be left in the cold, or replaced. Lil Wayne has to understand that his “daddy” may have found someone else to handle the high and lows. It is hard to scrape the “bottom” of the barrel for love. Lil Wayne was dropped and forgotten like a Tyga album.

                  LIl Wayne has remained loyal when everyone else left Cash Money. Birdman should not be that hard up for money and this is some Suge Knight foolery. Reconciliation is no longer an option, but crimes of passion are usually given lesser time, if they have sufficient proof that Birdman tried to murder Lil Wayne that is psychotic. Lil Wayne just needed space, but Birdman apparently wanted to keep his top spot and this is what happens when you don’t give your partner space,or release their album. I pray that Birdman has nothing to do with this, because it ain’t that damn serious to murder the rapper. Lil Wayne is a tremendous portion of the successes at Cash Money Records,Lil Wayne kept Birdman out of the studio, he is a hero. You men are in the same gang you can’t kill each other. These bloods ain’t loyal…
Story below written earlier.

Birdman is not giving up on Lil Wayne and he shall not be moved. We know Lil Wayne loves his Sugar Daddy but when business and personal relationships conflict, eventually the money will always be the reason for the treason.
Lil Wayne had a jheri curl when he first met his “Daddy” but the look in Bird Man’s eyes let him know that he would always be the “Bottom Rapper” of their entire empire, of course with Birdman turning out so many at a time someone has to make sure that no one is robbing the Empire.

Lil Wayne has finally woken out the self induced Codeine Trip and realizes that he has been pimped. I would have told him that he was being Pimped. Birdman has a firm guiding hand on his stable. Tyga could kick rocks and Birdman wouldn’t lose any sleep at night but Lil Wayne can not move out of his life or his recording contract.

Couples and friends disagree and we must understand that no one wants to just walk away. Birdman is upset about the disrespectful tweets and concert announcements of their pending break up.

“I want off this label and nothing to do with these people.” was a direct quote from Lil Wayne.

Well, Lil Wayne you will have a hard time trying to “Choose Up” in comparison to “Birdman” but I am confident he will manage. So for now, end the relationship and business agreement and just do this, wait just vent. Making up is so much better.

#SoulfulSunday- Anthony Hamilton***messymandella***

Most read-ravon jordan, 19 year old anti violence advocate murdered***messymandella***

       If you don’t believe in karma and self-love,you will never grasp the severity of pulling that trigger. We encounter prophets and angels that are only given to us for a season. A hero’s death is of grand design, and painful just for that reason and here for our self-reflection. We alter our views, when innocence is lost. A 19 Year old man risked his life and street credit to remind us what the Civil Rights movement was about, and how horribly embarrassing  it would be, to look any Civil Rights Activist in  the face in 2014.  He will be memorialized in Fayetteville, North Carolina and in others who seek safety and love and  betterment for everyone.

             I have a difficult time writing some stories, because I can experience a heaviness in my heart that will bring forth more pain than any tears. Now, Ravon Jordan will remain a part of why I am ***messymandella***. When you intend to bring forth change in your communities and family structures, not too many people hunger for that wisdom.  We alter our perceptions, when a 19 Year 0ld boy risks his life and street credit so we can live in a community that we would take pride in and sit on the front porches, without fear. 

       Every time we mute a messenger we only transmute the message. Ravon’s  death is not in vain, and with diligence and hurtful reflection, we will prove it. Hero’s don’t have a certain age, they  are  just too good for this place, and this death is hard to except, because we  would rather kill the ones that would die for us, by standing up for what is right!

Rest In Peace, Ravon you are now safe, you angel and hero.