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Troy Davis deserves Vindication, even after his death! It is Time To Get The Wrongfully Accused, Exonerated.***messymandella***

Sadly, an innocent man is dead and the justice system that was obligated to safeguard the innocent by due process ignored evidence and hopefully they have nightmares for being a part of his death. They will never be able to explain how they killed an innocent man,Troy Davis with all the changing and inconsistent facts that proved he was innocent of the case,was executed. He was sentenced to prison and now deceased, without any justice, and it is too late for remorse,but not too late for vindication for his stolen life.

Now the government have swept injustice,cohesion, and murder underneath the rug, even with the substantial evidence against his innocence, his pleas for his life still fell on deaf ears.

It was easier to murder Troy Davis than to admit that the police’s investigation could not completely condemn this man, and that the indictment inaccurate and that the witnesses were not as credible as the prosecution would want you to believe.


Troy Davis case

Th Troy Davis case (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our justice system and corrupt government saved George Zimmerman, and Casey Anthony, but unjustly condemned Troy Davis.

When you are was in the wrong place at the wrong time, you find yourself in a life changing situation, and in this case the unfortunate situations, led to Troy Davis’s death.

Troy Davis’s execution should at least vindicate him after his death,for a police officer’s murder, that he did not commit.

However, once the actual details were hidden and because of the cohesion of the media and determination to conceal the facts took priority of punishing the TRUE killer.

This alleged killer life was destroyed! the wrong man was a victim, but not a killer, and that falsehood destroyed his livelihood.

Troy was convicted before he even entered the court room, by the media and the bereaved town that only wanted to execute punishment on a cop killer.

Our society has an habitual and relentless determination to close a murder case, just to vindicate death of a policeman even if the community and public have room for doubt.

Troy Davis fit the profile, but where was the proof?

Once additional information regarding the murder of Policeman Mark MacPhail, was leaked Troy should have been cleared of all charges.

He should have been a martyr, but instead he was a murder victim.

Now Troy and Mark the deceased officer, are no longer among the living and neither one of these men deserved their violent death.

Could the public have reached out for more support?

The public marched and pleaded for his life to be spared, as we did for Trayvon and Mike but in the end that courtroom is the point of view that counts in the end.


On the evening of August 18, 1989, Davis attended a pool party in the Cloverdale neighborhood of Savannah, Georgia. As he left the party with his friend Daryl Collins, the occupants of a passing car yelled obscenities. A bullet was fired at the passing car[8] and Michael Cooper, a passenger, was struck in the jaw.[9] Davis and Collins then went to a pool hall on Oglethorpe Avenue in the Yamacraw Village section of Savannah.[10]

Later that evening, Davis and Collins proceeded to the parking lot of a Burger King restaurant on Oglethorpe Avenue, not far from the pool hall.[10] There they encountered Sylvester “Redd” Coles arguing with a homeless man, Larry Young, over alcohol.[8][11]

At about 1:15 am on August 19, 1989, Mark MacPhail, an off-duty police officer working as a security guard, attempted to intervene in the pistol-whipping of Young at the parking lot.[12] MacPhail was shot twice: once through the heart and once in the face. He did not draw his gun.[8][11][13][14] Bullets and shell casings which were determined to have come from a .38-caliber pistol were retrieved from the crime scene. Witnesses to the shooting agreed that a man in a white shirt had struck Young and then shot MacPhail.[8]

On August 19, Coles told Savannah Police he had seen Davis with a .38-caliber pistol, and that Davis had assaulted Young.[8][15] The same evening, Davis drove to Atlanta with his sister.[8][15] In the early morning of August 20, 1989, Savannah Police searched the Davis home and seized a pair of Davis’s shorts, found in a clothes dryer and reportedly stained with blood.[16][17] Davis’s family began negotiating with police, motivated by concerns about his safety; local drug dealers were making death threats because the police dragnet seeking Davis had disrupted their business.[15][18] On August 23, 1989, Davis returned to Savannah, surrendered himself to police and was charged with MacPhail’s murder.[15]

No one wanted to discuss the factual information, because it was easier to take Troy Davis’s legacy and tarnish it with lies.

If Troy’s death would have incorporated later obtained with instead of palatability, instead of theory, he would be alive today.

Troy’s death sentence was necessary and hastily done in some cases to convict someone and to hide the corruption

and create more attention and man power to find the real murderer of the late police officer, Mark MacPhil.

Troy and Mark still need justice, compensation and to make the outcome right. Troy prayed for his killers moments before his death.

English: M1 of Dead Prez speaking at a rally f...

English: M1 of Dead Prez speaking at a rally for death row prisoner Troy Davis – Union Square, New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The judicial system would rather concede than to demonstrate one inking of regret for stealing Troy’s life.

The media also were to blame for the bias treatment that Troy Davis was powerless to fight.

When you are behind bars, it is almost impossible, even sometimes a fairytale that you may receive the justice you wish for while being in confinement.

Many try but it is a difficult fight to present your case with very little resources because his credibility already was portrayed in a negative light, and no one reaches out to free an alleged cop killer.

Our court system would rather execute an innocent man, than admit that they were wrong and crucified a man’s legacy,

chance to raise a family, or in this case, just live to see another day and to vindicate his innocence.