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Fruitvale Tragedy: The Lynching Of Oscar Grant***messymandella***GRAPHIC

Oscar Grant III(1986-2009)

Oscar Grant III(1986-2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


March for Oscar Grant, shot by BART police New...

March for Oscar Grant, shot by BART police New Year’s Day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

   The stench of  beaten human flesh can burn your eyes,  and the disgust of unjust blood shed can haunt you forever. An  unjust death robs a family of sleep and comprehension of their comfortable society. New Years 2009 , Oscar and some of his friends where boarding the Bay Area Transit System in San Francisco, California.  Oscar Grant, 22 years old suffered a humiliating and merciless beating without provocation. The passengers of Fruitvaile pleaded for the cops, “Stop, Leave Em‘ Alone.”

         You can hear Billy clubs, cursing smashing and tearing at him and his friends. All ears and eyes are witnessing a lynching in 2009 from the ones that are supposed to “Protect and Serve.” Oscar Grant lost his life by traveling on the transit system. In the video you can look at  him before walking and hear his voice. Oscar never walks out of Fruitvale. The entire station validated  the racist, and brutality police officers delivered in the BART station that night. The actions that occurred on New Years 2009, are now witnessed and relived in theatres so individuals can experience the moment that was ignored in the media. Oscar Grant  was murdered like it was Jim Crow South, in 1913. The police man screams, “You Bitch Ass Nig…”

               In South Carolina, my great-grandmother shared  stories of violence, suffering , lynching and raping of our women. You could only sit back and  watch in horror. She pointed out roads, and sheds that were used for hanging black men when she was a little girl. The black men would vanish, and later  be found beyond recognition.  Even, with the Murderer  staring right in their face, they were powerless!  No one wanted to meet their demise.  No one wanted to  end up hanging from a tree, so you bit your lip in silence, and sent other male family members to”find him” because they already knew he was  gone, forever.

              Now in 2013 we are reminded that we still have “Strange Fruit” in America. We  still has a lynching problem, now ropes are obsolete but bullets tear into the hearts of  minority men at a steady rate. Oscar  Grant’ obituary only exist because of the unfair stigma and hate that permeates are sensibilities of our urban stereotypes.

           Innocent bystanders knew that Johannes Mehserle and the other BART Lynching team members , were under no circumstances dealing with a man who was resisting arrest. The officer defiantly and criminally created more of a mental segregation of police and ethnic men in this society. 

           Thankfully for cellular phone footage; the  life of Oscar Grant and his legacy  will  be remain untarnished . Oscar  has a daughter that will one day watch this video, and realize that no one can flip  flop this story.  Her father is not to  blame, The  police mans’ defense,  was a travesty and no accident, and there is not a reason in hell, or any other justification for her daddy’s  death.  We need atonement  and  ACTION!

       Her father, Oscar Grant III died  innocently and in a racist  nature that reminds us just because we believe in unity, some of us will never embrace all races and backgrounds. Urban men and police have this fine line, and it will always get crossed. No matter the action,  the officer will get a slap on the wrist, while urban men are getting a casket door closed above their heads.

Oscar Grant_0

 He was tasered, handcuffed, forced to the ground while begging for his life before the fatal gun shot wound.

Oscar Grant  received a bullet in his body face down and  handcuffed.


The video explains the verdict, that rivals the infamous Trayvon Martin and Casey Anthony  case.

Justice seems to be in hibernation, and currently these verdicts are just insulting our intelligence.

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