A tragic moment in black history, thanks to stacey dash.***messymandella***

     I would guess that Stacey Dash wakes up every morning wishing for cotton fields, plantation life, and beautiful music played by a slave name Fiddler. If Stacey Dash doesn’t want to be honored during Black History Month, we will make all her segregated fantasies come true, here at messymandella.com.I will promise the beautiful, but brash Stacey Dash, that we will analyze her shucking and jiving here near the Big House and read her from head to toe, right into the big house. Stacey decided she doesn’t agree with BET, due to being a segregated television station.  Stacey makes this statement on the segregated, home of Jim Crowe,the racist television station, Fox News. The last movie I watched starring the “actress” Stacey Dash was on TV1 or BET. Stacey, don’t bite the black hand that feeds you. In her segregated movie, Stacey was under house arrest and she was a ratchet hussy who could not find a job, or her place in this world. I am sure that Fox News refers to Stacey’s  last movie as an autobiographical depiction of all “colored” women. Stacey doesn’t approve of the NAACP Awards. Stacey Dash has never been honored for neither of the award nominations listed above.Stacey Dash has a better chance of winning The Dollar General Actress Affiliate Awards.  Don’t believe me, just watch!This   self-hating sister who decided that history, traditions, and celebrations should be axed. We should be proud that Stacey Dash has  spoken her mind.  I wish Stacey Dash the best in her quest for internal hate and racism suppressed ignorance. Fox News love Stacey! I am sure Fox News mutes “The Best Of Johnny Rebel” when Stacey walks through the “other door” and pees in her Dixie Cups. The staff  has top notched catered food. Stacey Dash doesn’t complain, she enjoys her  4 week old colored people pies while she whistles “Dixie.”  We celebrate you, Stacey Dash.

This has been a tragic  moment in Black History.