graphic- a killing in knoxville: the murder and rape of channon and christopher***messymandella***


Chipman Street resident Lemaricus Davidson was broke and angry. His girlfriend, Daphne Sutton, had left him. He had no car and no way to earn money.

“Selling dope, that’s what I do,” Davidson would later tell law enforcement.

Law enforcers knew, however, that Davidson was not simply a drug dealer. He was on parole for carjacking and, in the days leading up to the abduction of Christian and Newsom, was suspected in a series of robberies.

In the days before the couple’s abduction, Davidson’s brother Letalvis Cobbins came to Knoxville from Kentucky to stay with him. He brought along friend George Thomas and girlfriend Vanessa Coleman.

None of the these murderers had jobs money or vehicles. Cobbins and Thomas were homeless. Coleman had a salt-of-the-earth family to turn to for help but chose not to.

Davidson grew increasingly angry over what he viewed as the freeloading of his brother and his guests. He turned that anger on Sutton. She left him on Jan. 5, 2007.

I cried for days because of the torture these two endured.Why didn’t they just let them go? This is personal and sadistic, this was a reflection of their evil and delusional ideas that these two innocent people deserved this torture. I will tell you that it is indeed demonic and senseless. These young people were murdered, and BOTH were raped. This was a lynching. Yes, White people can be lynched also,and no one needs to seems to graphic to imagine. Why would anyone beat and rape both people. Now the autopsy will break your heart. They planned to watch a movie and ended up here.death trap

This might be the most horrific story you will ever witness.
Two people kidnapped, raped and tortured by 5 strangers in 2007.
I can’t imagine what fear these 2 people encountered on their last minutes on earth?
The killers were given a retrial December 1, 2011.
These bastards also were given another chance at freedom.
This is Letalvis Cobbin’s testimony on trial.
Don’t you dare feel sorry for this cold-blooded killer!

Don’t you dare feel sorry for these cold-blooded killers!

How can these five people find any excuse for this torture?


Channon and Chris were both brutally raped orally, and also anal penetration.They were demoralized and treated like sex slaves, by men and women upset that they had no money, and couldn’t get anymore money to purchase weed, and alcohol. They located Chris’s body on the railroad tracks.Now, they could have put him out of his misery,after abusing him in a gang rape. They shot him twice and kicked him, after he was paralyzed and barefoot and they were done humiliating him, they shot him execution style and set him on fire. While Shannon was forced to please the sadistic murders and beg for her life, she was kicked and beat in her pelvic area, while bleach was poured all of her body and in her mouth. They next decided to put in her garbage bag,and she was STILL ALIVE.Channon died a slow agonizing death. She suffocated in her own bruises, and painful torture while shoved in bags like she was garbage.

hate crime

Noun-Hate Crime
A crime motivated by racial, sexual, or other prejudice, typically one involving violence.

Crime Scene Testimony

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