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update: 2 alleged killers have been arrested for executing 9 year old Tyshawn Lee***messymandella***

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Police allegedly recovered two handguns from the men. They both were later ordered held on $1 million bail Wednesday to the sounds of gasps in the courtroom.

Court records show Corey Morgan was convicted of illegal gun possession in 2011 and sentenced to probation and five days of community service.

Law enforcement sources said Morgan is a person of interest in the slaying of Tyshawn in the 8000 block of South Damen about 4:15 p.m. on Nov. 2.

The fourth grader was lured into an alley and executed in retaliation against the boy’s father, authorities say.


The alleged ass, that executed a 9 year old boy in an alley.

The alleged ass, that executed a 9 year old boy in an alley.

Morgan is not charged in connection with the murder, which has attracted national attention because of its heinous nature.

Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy called the shooting “probably the most abhorrent, cowardly, unfathomable…”

The deceptive falsehood of brotherhood displayed in urban gangs are purposely utilized to destroy the black communities.
        We are just too caught up in image to stand out from the crowd, and remind others that gang life is not just about the color of bandana and the set you rep. Gangs also cause death.
         Don’t become consumed by the superficiality that you witness on television and some rap videos. Blood shed, mental slavery, and deaths of the black family are also fueled by the promotional aspect of gang related identification and the marketing of genocide.
       We stand behind  a nation of cowards that will not stand up and admit, that justice for our children has been compromised just to supply more guns and drugs in urban and poor communities.
       When the KKK murders someone it is not the one person that lynched an innocent victim, it is the group as a whole.
That also implies in the execution of Tyshawn Lee, all gangs are responsible.
 I am fully aware that we have a double standard when it comes to deaths and we are hesitant to discuss our own black victimization.

 If a black man murders a black child, we don’t march.
Instead of protesting Hilary Clinton and politicians . We as a culture must seek justice for Tyshawn Lee and should march and protest for him.

Will we have a press release with Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton, marching for justice and visiting Tyshawn?
Hell no, the shooter was presumably black so not important for an opportunist.
WE must stop making excuses when we a minority is behind the trigger.
  #BlacklivesMatter in Chiraq too!




         Chiraq gun violence continues to occur and we just don’t assume it is news worthy. Well, if you read the post below, you will notice this happened in the gang infested streets of Chicago before, in a little town call Roseland.


If it is that important to be part of the organization, it is just as important to blame a group as Tyshawn’s killers.
       Chief keef , Lil Reese, Lil Mouse, and all marketing the destruction of  our people.
       Record companies know exactly what they are doing.
          We will follow the plan to exterminate our men, or to keep them behind bars.
Tyshawn’s father should feel responsible for his son’s death, and it was his decision to  cause beef and to put his son in harm’s way.
        Tyshawn’s father  didn’t murder his son, but his ignorance and begging to belong by a group that uses foot soldiers for greed and manipulation, murdered his son.
Tyshawn’s dad’s lifestyle destroyed his own family.
It is hypocritical to hate George Zimmerman or Eric Garner’s killers and load up our guns to execute our own black men.
         Whoever would execute a 9-year-old boy over something his father did, doesn’t deserve to live. Help find the murdering bastards that would murder your child to prove allegiance to their gang.

I pray that the people of this community will one day  be able to take back the streets, from the savages.
Stop feeding into ignorance, people.
The forefathers of hip hop didn’t expect or insist on this destruction of their community.
Tyshawn will is in heaven. but his father had a choice whether to live in the gang life, or  protect his family so he will live in guilt in his private hell.

Tyshawn was executed, and treated worst than any animal…

A nine year old boy was murdered by the same adults that should have protected him. Imagine how he felt in that alley. Imagine him pleading for his life.

You have to admit, nothing or no color of affiliation should be responsible for destroying an innocent child’s life.
So many  black children are in their grave because they were dying to be Chief Keef, Lil Jay, Lil Reese, and other lost souls.
Tyshawn is in a casket  because his father decided to not be a valuable asset to his community.

I just can’t understand the brainwashing. No color of bandana  or ignorant affiliation is justification for the execution of a 9 year old.

Good bye, Tyshawn you will not be forgotten. If only your black life mattered to the black person that murdered you.