Mix Media Patterns From The Knowles’ Sista’s, Chloe S., Lil Kim ,Eva M. And More!***messymandella***


soulful sunday-who are you? ***messymandella***be true 2 who you are? (jessie J- alice russell)

Don’t let anyone tell you that your day will not come.

Sometimes it takes you to run through hell to get to heaven.


Sometimes you have to be deceived,manipulated or emotionally violated to get to your breakthrough.


I had this pain in my heart, people who I loved and would give my last dime to were backstabbing me and wanting to see me fail.


They don’t even realize, that their betrayal and blatant disloyalty made me stronger and more powerful.


The rougher the journey, the better the reward.


You have to keep going, and living and don’t believe sex or money can cure all, it can’t cure your soul if that is what you worship.


People who  know you and love you will be there in the end.


They know what’s in your heart.


People can read and feel you, anywhere in the world.