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color money defense fight training: plies gets flung like a chicken nugget.***messymandella***most read story today

Destruction, havoc and ignorant movements are situations that are easily captured and thanks to the evil and entertaining phone footage that is so easily obtained these Hood moments are available to the world! You are able to witness every event in anyone’s mortifying and even defining situations. 
Some events will never be erased thanks to YouTube.
We must all thank World Star for the lengths that they will go to capture every moment that in a sense makes us look like fools, but we still can’t turn away or stop visiting the site.
This foolery could easily explain the hood incidents in the  footage floating around now with a guy that is slightly browner and a slimmer version of Bart Simpson‘s late nemesis “SideShow Bob.”

This man decided that Plies had performed long enough and he didn’t mind ending Plie’s show of imaginary hits on his own terms. These fights are reoccurring events without security, but PLIES had 30 people on stage. 5 shirts say “SECURITY” and they ain’t secure a damn thing!


    Moody Green is the one that assumed Plies wanted to hug and meet and greet. This incident happened in Coliseum, Tallahassee and in front of his security team. “Color Money” is the phrase that we should yell as soon as we are grabbed and body slammed while security looks away.


His security guard grabs Plie’s book bag instead of the man they are paid to protect. Why did they even allow a disgruntled concert goer on the stage, and not protect the bite-size rapper?

Plies would have a better chance being protected by

Call them plies



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