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this can’t be life: man saves ribs, then children from fire***messymandella***




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To Every Little Girl Out There…


My little girl,

“There will always be someone who will tell you that you’re not good enough, pretty enough, or unique enough to be…



There will always be someone who will tell you that you’re only as beautiful as your face and your body.

There will always be someone who will tell you that your worth depends on how much attention you can get.

There will always be someone who will tell you that your education is a waste.

But I will always be there to tell you this…

The beauty within you cannot be compared to anyone else’s.” -from writer- Najwa



Live Your Life!

You are Beautiful!

I Love The Way You Respect Yourself!

Stay Golden!

You get better as you grow.

Real means authentic, not playing a part.

Real can NEVER mean anything derogatory to women.



Let them know what you about, so they can get down or else.


Life Is Simple!

this nasty hussy, put a her ashy toe in a baby’s mouth***messymandella***


Gaffney police are investigating after a photo was posted on social media of a teenager sticking her toe in a baby’s mouth.
Police said they were contacted on Wednesday by the 7-month-old’s family regarding the incident that took place at a home on West Buford Street. According to police, the family takes the child to the home to be looked after while they are at work and on the day of the incident, a 15-year-old stopped by the house to visit the homeowner’s daughter.
“My grand baby means the world to me,” Robenae Dewberry said. She’s the 7-month-old’s grandmother. “When I saw the picture, it was heartbreaking, because he was an innocent little baby.”
Police said the photo was posted on social media.
Investigators are now looking to see that all regulations and requirements were being followed at the house and are in contact with the S.C. Department of Social Services and the city’s business licensing department.
“I didn’t believe it,” Dewberry said. “My daughter called me crying on the phone. That toe could’ve choked him and he could’ve died from that toe being in his mouth. Who knows how far it was back in his mouth!” she said.
Family members say the caregiver is well-known in the community and came highly recommended. They say she apologized for the incident and didn’t know anything about it until the baby’s mother showed her the picture.
Police said due to the alleged offender’s age, the case will be sent to the S.C. Department of Juvenile Justice for possible charges and resolution in Family Court.”



To Report Child or Adult Abuse and Neglect call your local county office:



Some soon to be former “do it yourself” daycare facilitator has garnered national attention with her inhumane antics and ignorance  for a child’s welfare.
She decided to humiliate an innocent child by sticking her nasty mangy toe in a child’s mouth and posting it on Snapchat!
Men , Stop spending so much time hooking up with mangy women with no class on these websites!
You may find this hussy’s toe in  your daughter’s mouth.
This situation is  nothing but pure distaste and trifling behavior for adults  and for anyone that is considering themselves a private caregiver.
Why she thought this is appropriate or even humorous?
I don’t entertain hussies, so I don’t know! 
Find her and prosecute her, this is disgusting and I can only imagine what else she has done to this child?