Update On 12- Year-Old boy Tamir Rice’s Murder ***messymandella***

We can’t forget his brief stolen life. This little boy is now in heaven. We must fight to keep his story alive.


Tamir Rice Funeral

Tamir Rice Funeral

Some angels are here only for a season, and what they leave behind still has dxistence an impact on our grand design in the entire landscape of all that enter Tamir’s tragedy in their hearts.

I want you to know that you have been blessed to have so many people who cry for your son and love him. People of all races, religions and backgrounds are opening up their hearts for your beautiful son. You have been blessed because now he can watch over you, and can witness how important he was to the entire world. Your son was the world’s blessing.

You will make it through and this is hugs and love from ***messymandella***
Thanks to the injustice of Ferguson, now we at least have two more recent unexplained, and unprovoked deaths that where the media painted the picture of the victims in the casket as…

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