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Someone Help Bring Closure For William “Fernando” Barnes AKA DJ Nando!***messymandella***


Rapper DJ Nando, a popular Strip Club DJ, was shot execution style outside of his dwelling. Some coward pulled the trigger from behind, and released the bullet into the back of his head, without any afterthought.We have lost faith in humanity and in each other and respect for our people. Whomever ended William Fernando Barnes life doesn’t know they are committing the exact vicious hatred as the Klu,Klux Klan. One less minority man breathing, or one that will end behind bars for one action that could have been avoided with self-control and communication.

DJ Nando only spent 38 Years on this earth. That is a tragedy, but he lived longer that Lil Snupe, Lil JoJo, and Lil Phat also potentially celebrities cut down before their career catapulted into mainstream!

Once again, Any coward that shoots you in the back of the head is not man enough to even confront you…

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