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If Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj could set aside their beef and go on tour, it would be iconic!





confederate flag will finally be gone, for good!***messymandella***


What does today mean for South Carolina?


Tensions are in the air as we remove the Confederate Battle flag that was only suppose to be hanging for a short period of time, but became a constant reminder of the war that we lost.

Heritage, heritage, heritage…
Slave shackles were part of the heritage of our South Carolina ancestors, but do we need to stare wear shackles on my feet to remember slavery?
No, not at all.
We lost the war, I repeat we lost the war!

If the Confederate States were victorious in their quest, I would not be able to read without an oil lamp, while I would be the best house slave ever. If the Confederate Flag would have been a victorious flag, Paula Deen‘s slave fantasies would be a reality.
Now, South Carolina still attempted to buy time for a decision to be made…

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