Iggy Azelia Hate Is Still At An All-time High – Pretty Girls***messymandella***

This is one of my favorite songs!(1999) I am not ashamed, well  maybe a little…

Yes, You  glanced at  this post last week and numbers don’t lie! You readers ignored the hell out of the whole damn post!

The. experiment. WORKED. MESSYMANDELLA KNOWS THE HATE FOR IGGY IS Real. What’s the deal with the love for Justin Beiber and the hate for Iggy? They are one in the same and aren’t they doing the same damn thing? We roast this girl on a daily basis but why do we  hate

Her? IS it borderline psychotic obsession? Ok she is a female rapper from Australia and does that  mean that she should sound something like “Crocodile Dundee?” Has she slept with someone’s baby daddy? We have this poor little woman scared to tour and that is something unusual but uniquely stupid!

Jean Michel Basquiat-by Swizz Beats


Of  course we have all heard or seen a Jean Michel Basquiat painting. Julian Schnabel directed the biopic “Basquiat” . Tamara Davis put together footage of the painter from  over 20 years ago in “The Radiant Child”,which showed an inside look into the life of a young man who was hyped and hated by some art critics of the Art World for being himself and not changing for anyone.Basquiat left the physical world in 1988. However, we have movies, pictures and million dollars paintings purchased by Swizz Beatz Jay Z and e.t.c.  Now Reebok has given Swizz Beats a chance to make history with these BasquiatLimited Edition Reeboks.These will be sold only for  a minute so you better go get  these. So try to get them while you can  because these will be something that will be worth much more for years to come.You will be glad messymandella gave you a heads up.

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