EP 101 – DIRTY 30 “Black Women & Single Motherhood” – Documentary Series on HIV and AIDS ***messymandella***

AIDS and HIV are prevalent in the urban communities and some still use casual sexual practices as if this will not eventually catch up with you.


In this case AIDS is not a punishment like the right-wing wants you to believe. AIDS is spreading because women and men stopped kissing, and stopped caring but kept having sex. Some of the finest men have baggage and some women who come to Bike Week, behind stage at concerts, and at the strip clubs already have a disease that they regret getting and feel resentful, but want you to suffer their fate. It is  and bitter person to infect others that it is now a living, breathing, reminder of that one time.
           Women are also getting diseases that are faithful. In this world, we have pretty much accepted we don’t need respect, kissing, love and attachments and a faithful woman must turn the other cheek. However if the woman slept someone that same man would not turn his head.Which is a devastation to the family structure but also to the person that wakes up with a rash from a one night stand.WE are getting away from building with each other. We are too busy degrading our women. I would never imagine MLK saying or even mumbling the disrespectful things to women. No excuse, don’t laugh it off speak up. IF he does not have a condom, that should be foreshadowing right there. Women will keep living in your homes alone with your babies, and the men will continue to act like roosters at a hen house with no responsibilities. We have to do better, and remind each other how we respected each other before Civil Rights but ask ourselves, what the hell did we do wrong?

          It happens, and we are foolish to think that condoms won’t break. I have no idea why women would give oral to someone who doesn’t think enough of them to kiss them? You also can get a burning sensation and sexual transmitted diseases are spread through the mouth, and that is the most reckless, but people choke about it. Condoms do not always work and some women and men will use criminal transmission of AIDS or HIV due to their life and ability.  A man in South Carolina knew he had AIDS and still had sex with women and even went to Myrtle Beach and paid prostitutes and strippers to perform.
Those poor women just wanted the money…
            Whenever those strippers left South Carolina, that money didn’t mean shit. He bragged about what he did, and how reckless they were. These women probably have children and maybe a boyfriend, but the recklessness of it all has changed their lives and they never even got a real name or a  last name.  Yes, M.W.  used a fake name and also impregnated two teenage girls after that incident. He is locked up behind bars, NOW. His damage has already been done.  Let this be a reality check.
All that glitters ain’t gold, baby.


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