Full Circle + The Mother Of Gakirah Barnes***messymandella***

As the hood legend goes, Chicago once had a little girl named “Lil Snoop” who may have killed at least twenty people.

She lost her brother or close friend to gun violence and paced those same Chicago streets with a vengeance to avenge her death, or did she? It depends on who you ask about the late, Gakirah Barnes.

When you hear her mother sob about both of her children dying to violence, you wonder how does this happen? We are supposed to learn from her and change the death toll and senseless deaths in Chicago.

K.I. went into a violent tail spin that would not let her rest until she avenged her “brother’s” death.

Now, did she live a short life of crime or was she just a victim of a false reputation, and a chomped up legend?
We may never have the complete truth about this alleged female teenage assassin due to the fact that she is now with her brother,  but in a casket of her own.

Now, she may be respected, and bragged about with high street credibility. That credibility did not stop the gun shots from entering her little body, and ultimately ending her chance  at  life.
K.I. was allegedly shot nine times in the throat, face and everywhere else…
Her blood was left splattered with her lifeless body on the steps….

Was her death retaliation or just someone else trying to earn stripes in the game?

Either way here is a brief look at the Chiraq’s late soldier in an invisible war, Gakira “K.I” Barnes.

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  1. Reblogged this on messymandella and commented:

    The death and the myths of this little girl haunts me and just seem senseless… no one could save her

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