Let Us Reflect And Learn After The Death Of Mike Brown In Ferguson***messymandella***

What if Mike Brown walked out of that gas station on August 19, 2014 and hopped in the car with a friend, instead of this horrific experience that destroyed the dreams of a future college student? What if that convenient store owner would have pressed charges for that recovered camera footage? If Mike would have lived, he may have been charged with a simple assault, but he would still be alive. We can’t change that now.
This ridiculousness and callous last historical walk and death of Mike Brown brought forth outrage and instead of dividing the races, it united everyone. We were reminded of our life long quest for our people that includes all ethnicities and equality for the human race.
Ferguson’s shady practices happen everyday, in other states. This time an unknown small town uncovered the Police tactics on a larger scale, they also exposed that thin line between cop and criminal.
It is our lives, our voices, we have to speak our minds and we have the right to assemble and protest for our freedom and live with a moral compass.
Never let anyone destroy your ability to express yourself!
The outrage everyone protested will always be a stain of injustice and the powerless must stand firm, because it is mind over matter. WE must understand and respect our legacy and the youth looks to us for examples and opinions on how to conduct ourselves.
Readers, I speak my mind, and I apologize in advance.
Was looting the right thing to expedite justice?
I understand the blind fury and the need to express ourselves, but we shouldn’t have done anything to convince the world that we were wild unattainable animals.
The looting only fueled the racist that lived to watch us fail in this society.
It was time for our men and women to speak according to who we truly are, and not the perceived images set by the bias media.
We come from family values and we don’t want to embarrass our culture.
I ask myself, “Would I want Martin Luther King Jr, to watch this behavior? Would he be ashamed?”
What do you think he would have said to the injustice of Ferguson’s murder and cover up, what was the need to steal shoes?
I am sure he would have been shocked. When we act accordingly to our ignorant stereotypes, that makes it easier for racist bigots to say,” I told you so!”
We still have to prepare for the law to let us down, like it did with George Zimmerman and Casey Anthony but we must handle the outcome with dignity and respect, the youth will always look to us for an example, when it comes to dignity and race relations,and trust and respect each other,and keep our men alive.