Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice ***messymandella***


Joan Smalls Will Be The New Face – Estee Lauder Beauty***messymandella***

“Joan Smalls has joined the celebrity makeup collaboration game, and we couldn’t be more excited. The supermodel and current Vogue cover girl announced the news on Instagram this morning by posting a selfie with a deep red matte lip.

In 2014, Do We STILL Need Affirmative Action?***messymandella***

     Calls for equality are being echoed all over the United States, and currently we have a greater debate in Michigan, regarding Affirmative Action. Should America set aside spots and mandatory employment for other ethnicities in the United States?

      At this point in time, we have our biracial President Barack Obama! He won the election because of Hollywood endorsements, education and skill assessment. No one gave President Obama a seat for the presidency.Despite what Fox News may want you to believe. Now, if you listen to the Conservative news elite, you will be brainwashed as those brain-dead Tea Party members.

     Affirmative Action served its purpose to build and instill fairness in the work place, in history. Now, that we have Oprah, Beyoncé and Jay Z, and Deborah Lee (President Of BET), maybe Affirmative Action may need to disappear into the fog of our historical past and remain there.

    Now as a country, we strive to build an empire with a strong mental and physical infrastructure to reflect our legacy.

I want the job because I deserve the position.

I want the job because I want to prove to the world my abilities and ideologies and inner strength, don’t you?

Affirmative Action will leave a bad taste in your corporate and financial relationships. Your beliefs and job effectiveness will always leave a question of accountability.

Do we as a country need Affirmative Action in 2014?

CNN News Reports: Washington (CNN) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld a Michigan law banning the use of racial criteria in college admissions, a key decision in an unfolding legal and political battle nationally over affirmative action.

The justices found 6-2 that a lower court did not have the authority to set aside the measure approved in a 2006 referendum supported by 58% of voters.

It bars publicly funded colleges from granting “preferential treatment to any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.”

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the court’s first Latina, reacted sharply to the decision.

“For members of historically marginalized groups, which rely on the federal courts to protect their constitutional rights, the decision can hardly bolster hope for a vision of democracy that preserves for all the right to take part meaningfully and equally in self-government,” Sotomayor wrote.

But three justices in the minorities, Chief Justice John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy and Samuel Alito concluded that the lower court did not have the authority to set aside the law.

Who Would You Rather? Riff Raff Vs LIL B***messymandella***

Imagine being in trapped in a dark and dreary enclosure.

Can you feel the cold stagnant air breeze by your head, you will find out that smell later?

You can’t recognize anyone.

You don’t know how long you can fight your hunger and you have NO cellphone available.

That is everyone’s worst nightmare, no religious advice from that Damn ***messymandella*** and worst of all, Twitter has to go on without you.

All you have left are your negative thoughts and your unintentional trap spot being shared by Rapper Riff Raff and Lil B. told you we would get to that smell…

Why, because you realized you are at the trapped in Baphomet’s Dungeon.

When you get to hell, Riff Raff and Lil B will be there hosting the Bingo Game.

Those will be your Hip Hop Welcome Committee.

You will have two companions who speak a mixture of Gullah Ebonics, and a crate of Lemon Pledge to clean their flawless gold teeth.
Now don’t be too afraid, just hide microphones, and stay in your little corner, and hope that no one decides to freestyle.

Your torture will not be beatings, cutting, or kicking.

Your punishment is worst than you can imagine.

You can’t escape unless you listen to a 24 hour concert from one Riffy or Lil Bean.

The choice is yours, either way you will suffer excruciating defeat and your ears will never forgive you.

Choose Wisely!

Gone With The Hairspray: Nancy Grace States, “People on pot shoot, stab and strangle each other” ***messymandella***

Nancy Grace has her hair helmet lifted to the marijuana clouds by stating that “”People on pot shoot, stab and strangle each other!” We as a family must understand that Nancy will not back down from anyone, even if she is 100% wrong. Nancy is “ride or die” for her fairy tales and ideologies and her love of her right-wing fanatical propaganda.

Brad is against marijuana and wants to knock out Mason. Mason is a pothead that is waiting for his connect to call back, and meet him with the goods. Nancy Grace is rolling her eyes at both of them. Nancy Grace is not on Mason’s side or Brad’s side. Nancy is #TeamNancy all the way, as usual.


Ignore The Hate!***messymandella***











Demand loyalty, I always take that  chance. When someone watches you struggle and refuses to  help, it makes you stronger. believe some people are born manipulators and negative influences. They will judge you for being social acceptable, but not themselves for needed flea spray. I started this site to express myself. I have so many parts of me. I love art, music, and laughter. You readers know I am random as hell. I  don’t know what will happen in the future?

 I just knew that at first I wanted to prove to myself that I could make a difference. I learned that when a person has multiple personas they will take you through  a billion changes to pacify their ego and  selfishness, and then have the audacity to blame you for defending your truth. Don’t be brainwashed by anyone that encourages the worst behavior, and no emotions what so ever.After I realized I could  not let negativity destroy what I have built, it was easier to look in the mirror. If I lived in the background and bit my lip in silence, to improve and image, I would hate myself.

Every writer,actor, or artist will tell you that the last people who support you are your own people.

 I knew that there were stories that would never get told.










I  had to set so much time aside to get started. I know also that when I thought people had my back  some just left me stranded. I think the hurt is the motivation to keep going. Don’t let anyone make you think that the problem is you. You are an artist. You can’t be free, until you are comfortable with yourself.  There is nothing wrong with you if you spend your day listening to Wu-Tang, Kate Bush, Nas, and  Ray Lamontagne.

Find yourself, be yourself. Don’t worry about close minded people.You just have to live.

If you lay under your covers, scared of the world; that is your fault. Nothing comes from just dreaming.

Be You!

Keep Going!

Thank You for linking and loving me.

It means so much to me, that you except me …for me!

Black Is Beautiful!***messymandella***