NSFW-Trill Entertainments-Lil Phat and Interview From Lil Nussie!***messymandella***


   Lil Phat’s Baby Mama having to raise another child without a father, and what can those expensive clothes and fake friends do for him now? Lil Boosie and Webbie will have to wonder why they lost their boy?We can celebrate his music. He accomplished so much for such a young man.

   Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame.  He was loved by his family and talent doesn’t expire, neither does the legacy of our men. This is the time to hear about these young men and their 15 minutes of Fame…

    The welfare of your people has to mean something to you, evaluate your life if it means nothing to you. You don’t want your rap career to lead you there, a million miles away from the tears of your families cries and tears. We  also should remember Lil Nussie because no matter who had beef, that is also sadly in the past.


     Did Lil Boosie murder Lil Nussie, nope. It was music, sometimes fans get too caught up in rap beefs and become enemies of someone and rally for someone they have this undying loyalty for and it becomes STAN like. This inherited beef sadly kept Lil Boosie from his Soccer Team full of children. HE DIDN’T KILL Lil Nussie and it is sad that he had to ponder and possibly rot with the chance of not seeing his soccer team again,or his next album release. This happens. Choice 1-The ground or Choice 2 the belly of the beast? When did that become Hip Hop’s Grand Design?
We should change that.




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