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If you are familiar with my work as ***messymandella***

you know Biggie Smalls left us with the Crack Commandments.

I am leaving you with the Dead Beats Mom And Dad’s List.

This buffoonery shames all women and men. Where are the school teachers, and life coaches? This turns me away from the system.We have women and men believe the government is required to take care of their children,grandchildren,and great grandchildre.It burns like ether sliding down when I hear that someone on Medicaid spends all day lying on her back. I don’t think that any woman or man should think this is why so many marched.They did not march for fathers to spend every other night in the club,while their babies are glad just to get a phone call.

Take all those clothes and empty excuses back, and pay for your children to go to the doctor, if you have a FENDI or GUCCI Bag. Spend that on your child. I can’t understand how a parent can hold Their head up with pride without provisions for their family? I understand why we have so many stereotypes, and unfairly encounter racism. We can thank the John Mccroy’s for that mess. I am not a ratchet and you shouldn’t be one either.
It takes more to build any community, but whoever we know that is receiving government assistance, should NOT be bragging about how they are living it up.

Dead Beat Dad's That Pose With Cash Instead Of Their Babies! What Is More Important? Government Assistance or Impressing Future Prison Trustees!

Dead Beat Dad’s That Pose With Cash Instead Of Their Babies! What Is More Important? Government Assistance or Impressing Future Prison Trustees!

We have to do better! Make birds fly to a Job Fair, and stop leading their children into a generation of sorry broads and men that can not provide for themselves. I come from strong women and men. Your ancestors wanted to have their own, and now some of us are lazy as hell. Your parents risked their life, but they needed to provide for their family, when dads actually stayed in the household…
Listen women and men, when you act like this you are giving people like Sean Hannity and Don Imus, extra material to cover on their radio shows. I love clothes an jewerly and fashion is a significant part of my site. NO materialistic items,will ever come before my child. Nothing is more important than your legacy. What kind of legacy will you leave?


1.You never see your child unless you go to your mother’s house.

2. You are running from your child support payments

3. Your mom and dad have to negotiate visitation AKA baby mama drop offs.

4. You leave your child with someone to get high,and come back 2 days later.

5.You leave when your kids are sleep and leave the EBT Card on the table.

6. The entire world sees you,but never your kids.

7. You wear shades and $900.00 outfits but have not paid child support.

8.You are so selfish, that you will NOT work,because all your money will be garnished by the government. God Forbid, you would put money into the welfare of your kids.

9.Your family actually makes excuses for you being a deadbeat, while you get other chicks pregnant or find new baby daddy that is not paying for the children he already procreate.

10. You have never met any of your children’s teachers.

11. DSS has been to your house at least twice.You cry,and pretend to be a parent and haul ass when DSS leaves.

12.You old as hell, and still think going to club comes before paying for your children’s everyday expenses.

13. Everybody ALWAYS ask where your kids at…

14. You wake up hung over and you haven’t seen kids in 2 days, and don’t give a damn.

15. You can’t think of one reason to spend the weekend with your child.

16. Your children are happy if you come home.

17. You spend all your money smoking and getting drunk, but go and beg for help at your local shelter. Sorry Asses

18. You get mad when people want you to better yourself,or help your child.

19. You don’t care that you are neglecting your own seed.

20.If you see that this story is about T-Boz,and other moms and dads but if you feel “some kind of way”,you or someone in your life is a dead beat!



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