Faith Evans – Soon As I Get Home ***messymandella***

Faith Evans was competition for Mary J Blige…

Mary J Blige surpassed Faith Evans and the other diva’s albums were distributed with a very limited individual control or artistic freedom. Faith Evans was at the top, in the 1990’s and should be respected more in the musical game.  All of theses divas were competition in all arenas Grammy performances, and soul collaborations. Concert tours, endorsements, appearances and then nothing…

Faith Evan’s releases an album with little or  no promotion from anyone these days.

She is apparently on KOCH Records…

Faith was   on a reality show, with women that were of course almost C list singers, but she  quit that too. Faith deserves so much more, with her unmatchable voice and ability. She has changed her reputation, and still the same results.

Why did we forget about Faith?



Karma Revists Math Hoffa Again, And It is A Dizaster!***messymandella***Update:Drect

KARMA means action, work or deed;[1] it also refers to the principle of causality where intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.[2] Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deed contribute to bad karma and future sufferingWikipedia AkA The Hood Bible!

We know that Math Hoffa was beaten and defeated by Dizazter, we can say he was jumped. However, as Math Hoffa charged Dizaster, it was a “fair one.” Cameras don’t lie! It was one on one when Math Hoffa was pulverized. We have a soft spot when it comes to forgiveness. We love to believe that the memories have faded and that the issue has resolved themselves, but Karma decided that outcome not us meer mortals.

        Nothing dies until Karma has its say and in this case, it was a shock, an unjustified moment that will forever leave a stain in battle rap, but it was never a dead situation. That violent mood has changed and created more of a negative connotation. What we fail to realize is that when we all revisit the last year in battle rap, we know so many street issues were ignorantly handled on camera. What message did we send our youth? We let our youth believe it was standard practice to get on stage and punch someone and then laugh about it on VLAD TV
Why is the situation so horrible? Math Hoffa laughed after every event and simultaneously would high-five fans even hurled insults at the rappers he was beefing with out of loyalty for his buffoonery, we stood by and watched.

We have one MC that put this street fighting and bullying in the forefront and made this a dent in our progression and an embarrassment and a degrading moment in our history.
Could we leave all of this drama behind?

     I blame VLAD TV you helped put that negativity out there when you decided it was time to make a joke out of an ignorant moment.

You did a two-part interview while Math Hoffa gloating about street situations, that should have not been discussed on camera.

I am girl and I know that was a weak move.

       Math Hoffa put it out,jokes to compensate for  his antics.

I am sorry the battle ended the way it did, but this is the work of Karma and the energy you put out Math Hoffa, determined the outcome.

   You have ruined battles, sponsors and alliances within the battle world. Rappers like Charlie Clips and Hollow Da Don exchanged words, but apologized. Dizaster and his real life friend, Daylt exchanged words on social media because of the fire you caused.

       At first after the apology to Serius Jones, he still sent subliminal disses, that are clearly intensifying the beef. Math Hoffa’s arrogance, and bullying are the goon like mentality that can lose venues and sponsors in battle rap.
We are portraying the exact stereotypes that Fox News, and Bias news medias all over the world convey to the public.
       It is a fact that every cause has an effect. I don’t think that Math Hoffa understands that this isn’t even funny anymore, someone will seriously lose something in the end and VLAD TV will have to share responsibility in the effect. Someone could meet their demise because of bullying and ignorance that Math Hoffa’s hypocrisy and taunting finally led up to that he apologized for then later gave a two part video for his fans. You have bars Math but this is not what you will be remembered for and they should have not set you up(If it is true) but you were not a victim.

This is no different from when Craig beat Debo in “Friday” because Debo used his strength,weight and antagonizing to cause fear and belittle his opponents.

       I still can’t believe Dizazter “had jabs like that” but I do not condone and never will condone violence. We watch that brutality but now as a grown man, with your own sons what do you want them to think about your occupation?

I will admit that in this case, Math Hoffa was caught off guard, but so are the people that he assaults when he is losing a battle.

Dizazter also had screen shots proving that Math Hoffa wanted to slap him,not battle him in fact, that dated back from the year  2012. Retaliation can only make it harder for you in the Rap Game, and you have a family that I know would never want to see you fail.

         All of this is Karma, Math Hoffa! You don’t have to be remembered this way, but damn you have never been the victim. You should stop with the interviews discussing your assaults,and VLAD TV should stop turning a tragic event into a laughable incident. It is time to think of what you would want your sons and your family and fans to respect about this culture, if you don’t respect it?
          Math HOffa, I don’t want you to leave battle rap because you have a family to feed, but maybe you finally see what I have been saying for months. It was never funny, and now you fully understand that and you deserve to be a voice of the culture,not a virus of the culture.

        Which chose are you going to make?

Retaliation can only make it harder for you in the Rap Game, and you have a family that I know would never want to see you dead or in prison and neither do I.