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I wrote this story a hot minute ago,thousands have read it. Salute to all MAX B’s fans and family. I don’t believe he should be in the BOX that long!

Let’s Be Real, If he did it. He needs to be exactly where he is …in the box. Yeah, well it is what it is.

Why does messymandella care?

There is something that bugs me about the Max B case.
I know he bragged about crimes, and served time for robbery.
I know all of this, but Max did not deserve this mess.
I just don’t understand why he doesn’t have a chance for freedom until 2042?
We’ll I am a prissy nerd.
I  read all the time. I retain knowledge and I wonder about truth. Some criminals do make it a life long goal to visit the penitentiary repeatedly. I don’t know why I think this case is different? I have read about and listened to interviews. My heart hurts for strangers, if I feel they suffered injustice. I hope Santra Rucker and others get their chance to rejoin freedom.

I don’t understand the Criminal Background of Conspiracy. I just hope NO ONE tells me they might commit a crime.
So just because someone called me and joked about it I can get 75 years in prison? I  made  jokes about him being stupid enough to  be in prison, for running his mouth. His freedom, and lively hood are not a joking matter. He has been thrown away to rot.It is frightening that talking can get you 75 years.

Where the hell is the proof he was the mastermind?

Was there a taped confession?

 His on again, off again girlfriend told on him. He’s gone, but again how do we know he masterminded this plan? Career over! Gina could have easily did that to get a lighter  sentence and no one could discredit her story?    There is no proof he orchestrated this robbery.   Let’s began the love story from Hell. Dipset was on tour. However, Cam’ron,and Santana were a “no show.” Max B   met  a groupie,Gina Conroy, in Myrtle Beach South Carolina at a concert.

 Gina Conway was already living with a man for 10 years.

Gina Conway,  left and wanted to “live the life.” Max B used her and threw her away, horrible but truthfully that was the final result.

While he was flashing money,she was stripping to pay for her drug addiction.

 He would then turn around and take her back,that was his mistake.

Charly Wingate is an arrogant, little man who brags about pimping, and always flashes his money. Does that mean he’s guilty?

I do think that  rappers  can convict themselves with their own lyrics. Reputation and  music  videos perceive a lifestyle that can glorify crime.

He might be wrongfully accused,this time. I just don’t understand how he wasn’t at the scene, but is doing this time?

Shouldn’t the person or people on the scene and firing the gun, be the only people punished?

Once again, if he did it, no sympathy. What if he didn’t do it?

We won’t know until 2042.

Some women and men become scorned. They hate you for not wanting them so they plot revenge,even divorces get violently damaging. Love turns to hate, and friends become rats. Max B was already living with other women and had eyes on a new strand of dummies to sell ass, she was damaged goods.

Wouldn’t you be mad if you moved from the South and left your life, to be with someone? He kicked her out,and she was financially struggling, while his pockets were wavey.You can’t blame her for wanting revenge. Maybe she didn’t want him with anyone? She now has her wish. Gina should have left with dignity and both would be free instead of behind bars.  She was sleeping on sofas with members of his family,just to witness his life. She did whatever she needed to do just to be a part of Max B’s circle. 

When you leave someone, they want you to hurt and suffer.
Gina lost her mind, and her man.
She wanted Max B back, and he almost completely cut her out of his life.

 Some women and men lose their mind after rejection. Gina was one of them bitter duped women,  that pray and hope you to suffer and fail. Her wishes were granted!

I pray for Max B and the families of the victims. Max was given a raw deal. Let’s hope that a conversation about a robbery is NOT the reason if he will leave prison, he will be an old man. Max B is in my thoughts because those appeals can’t get you home! Someone has to finally get a conscious and tell the damn truth, there is a fact or conversation that can prove he should be home! I don’t know Max B, and have never met him. My intuition is telling me that he is mentally breaking down, and almost accepted his confinement. I know he is putting on a brave face, but something is not right.
This case is just different…



Your lawyer messed up your chance to freedom, no debating that fact!


Elli Ingram – All Caught Up (Vevo UK @ The Great Escape 2014) ***messymandella***

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Paula Patton Stays Dedicated To Her Decision, When Robin Thicke Wasn’t Dedicated At All***messymandella***

     Men and women will step on the most loyal person in their life. They can push the real away, for just one night with someone that is not ever going to give them the love, their loyal person blessed them with and vowed. Robin had a family and a a beautiful wife, but did he respect her? HELL NAW!

           We have adapted a “side chick” as someone who all men are OBLIGATED to have to attend to their reputation, self-esteem, and of course pictures in their phone to show off to their boys. Women blackmail high-profile men, and release their text and alert the media to gain fame. Why would someone hurt Paula Patton?



Some men and women are trying to sleep with everyone in North America, and it is pathetic.

Now, I don’t know who the woman was that Robin cheated with, and don’t care!

I know there in no way in hell she is as gorgeous, talented, or loyal as Paula Patton.Men will do their dirt, but to throw it in your face is sadistic.

Paula Patton is making a statement, and I hope more women take that initiative.

          A man or woman will disrespect you in your face, embarrass you but apologize in secret. Robin Thicke deserves to have to beg, and I hope that he keeps begging. You can’t treat people like they are replaceable, and expect them to sit back while you continue to make a fool out of them.

       Don’t get me wrong, he deserves to sleep with who he wants, but now the only person he wants in his bed is his queen, motivator, and mom to his child. He didn’t make an album to the woman he cheated with, but he made an album for the person he betrayed the most.

      Can you imagine how she feels?

     You give your all, and someone can be so greedy and selfish that they hurt loyalty, beauty, and true devotion. Women and men, learn your worth. 

         Now, Robin’s new video has him looking like he jumped in the car with the Ghost Of Ike Turner, all bruised up and what not and she should accept your apology? If you were loyal, their wouldn’t be a “Paula” album, you could be singing helium soprano with the worthless women you disrespected her with, to break her heart.

Can you trust someone after they publicly embarrass you, for their own selfishness? You are suppose to “forgive and forget”, maybe Paula wants to forget?

It is easier said than done. No woman or man wants to assume they are trusting the same person that keeps hurting them, that could care less about their feelings.

Now, Robin can have any woman he wants, but now he wants what he already had in his life.

Sympathy, hell no.

  You can’t get sympathy when you had loyalty already in your life.

If he would have kept his penguin striped pants up, OR did his dirt indiscreetly their would be a chance. 

You have no respect, and only regret when you betray the one person, that would love you through life.

Now Paula needs respect and love, on her own terms.

Make him or her earn your love, when they are the ones who let their ego and image destroy it, in the beginning.

Erykah Badu: Love Of My Life , My Honey!***messymandella***


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